. Who is known as the father of plant tissue culture

A: Haberlandt

B: Steward

C: White

D: Skoog

Best Answer

Correct option is: (A) Haberlandt


Option (A) 

Professor Gottlieb Haberlandt demonstrated the feasibility of cultivating isolated plant tissues for the first time in 1902.

He was the first to consider cultivating cells in a nutrient solution aseptically.

He is regarded as the "Father of Plant Tissue Culture."

Option (B):

Steward's experiment on plant tissue demonstrates that mature cells in plants may divide and differentiate again to make a new plant.

Option (C):

White's media is a common medium in which plants are cultivated particularly for root culture.

It has a low salt content and a greater magnesium sulphate concentration.

This may also be used to cultivate shoot culture and callus culture.

Option (D):

Murashige and Skoog medium is a laboratory plant growth media used for plant cell culture cultivation.

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