. Who is the father of microbiology

A: Leeuwenhoek

B: Pasteur

C: Robert Koch

D: None of the above


Best Answer


Option A is correct:

►Microbiology can be stated as the study that involves every detail of all the microorganisms.

►Anton Van Leeuwenhoek is the one who discovered organisms of the microbe kingdoms - Monera and Protista.

►Hence, he is called as the father of microbiology.

Options B, C, and D are incorrect:

►Louis Pasteur is known for his discovery of fermentation and diseases which are caused by microbes.

►Robert Koch is known for his discovery of the bacteria, Tuberculosis bacterium and the anthrax disease cycle.

Final answer:

Option A is correct, that is,

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek is the father of microbiology.


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