. Why are forests considered biodiversity hot spots

List  two  ways  in  which   an individual can contribute effectively to the management of forests  and wildlife

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Ans.  Due  to the presence of a large  number of species  (of plants  and  animals) threatened with extinction, forests  are said  to be 'biodiversity hotspots'. The  two  ways  in  which  an  individual can  contribute effectively  to  the  management of forests  and  wildlife  are:

(i) As individuals we can  try to cut  down the  use  of products directly  obtained from forests   such   as  gum,   rubber, wood,  paper,   etc.,  thereby  protecting  against  the excessive cutting of trees.                                       

(ii)  As individuals we must  discourage and  protect  against the poaching of  wild animals for commercial use.


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