. Why does distilled water not contain electricity

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Distilled water is an absolute pure form of water which doesn't hold any solute in it thus it cannot carry electricity because it doesn't contain ions while rain water contains dissolved salts and acids which dissociates in ions and conducts electricity.

A liquid conducts electricity by positively and negatively charged ions that are really moving from one of the electrodes to the other, carrying charge or electricity with them. Salt water has salt in it, NaCl, which soon ionizes or dissociates to ions of Na+ and Cl that can float through the water conducting charge and therefore conduct electricity. Distilled water is water that was boiled to steam and re-condensed to water. So distilled water is similarly pure H2O. Water can ionize to H+ and OH like salt does, but it ionizes to a far less degree and is genuinely resistant to conduct electricity.

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