. Why is Government of India imposing a ban on the use of polythene bags

Suggest two alternatives  to  these   bags  and   explain   how   this   ban   is  likely   to  improve   the environment

Best Answer

Ans. Plastic bags are• non-biodegradable which can not be broken down into non-poisonous substances in nature.

Plastic bags are the main cause of sewer blockages as plastic bags are not decomposed by micro-organisms.

Plastic bags if eaten by stray animals (like cows) can block their alimentary canal.

Two alternatives:

(i) We should take our own jute or cloth bags while going for purchasing articles from the market.

(ii) Disposable paper cups should be used for serving tea in trains instead of plastic cups.

(iii)  Shopkeepers can use paper bags instead of plastic bags.


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