. Why is the series arrangement not used for domestic circuits

Best Answer

Answer: The series arrangement is not used for domestic circuits because of the following disadvantages:

(i) In series arrangement, the current throughout the circuit is same. If one electrical appliance stops working due to some defect, then all other appliances also stops working (because the whole circuit is broken).

(ii) In series arrangement, all the electrical appliances can have only one switch due to which they cannot be turned 'on' or 'off' independently.

(iii) In series arrangement, all the appliances do not get the same voltage (220 V) as that of the power supply line (because the line voltage is shared by all the appliances). Due to this, the appliances do not work properly.

(iv) In series arrangement of electrical appliances, the overall resistance of the circuit increases too much because in series the net resistance is the addition of all the resistances. Due to this the current from power supply is low. Because of this, all the appliances of different power ratings cannot draw sufficient current for their proper working.


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