. Why top soil is important for biological activity ?

Best Answer

1) As the size and shape of soil particles are not uniform, there are spaces in between soil particles.

2) Whenever the soil receives water, these spaces are filled with water. When the soil is dry, air is present in these spaces.

3) The soil organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and insects and burrowing animals such as earthworms, are present in this layer.

4) Some of these organisms breath the air present between soil particles and live on the nutrients present in the soil.

5) Root system of all land plants are present in this layer and obtain water, minerals and nutrients from soil. The air present in between the soil particles is used by the roots for respiration.

6) Dead bodies of plants and animals are decomposed in this layer by the soil bacteria and valuable nutrients are added back to the soil.

7) Thus, though the deeper layers of earth have important mineral resources, the top soil is important for biological activity.

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