. Write a Paragraph on Environment

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Environment is the nature and environment wherein all plants, animals, people and different living beings stay and operate. Every living and non-living beings is associated with surroundings. Environment performs a main position in giving start to a new life, with inside the increase of a life, survival of the life and the over-all wellbeing of any life. It affords us with clean air that we breathe, water that we drink, food that we consume and nearly all of the sources for our survival.

Environment additionally affords us with numerous different natural sources which might be very important. Natural sources are the sources that surroundings offer us obviously without we growing it. It consists of sunlight, atmosphere, land, water, plants, animals, sea life, minerals, different species and the whole thing that takes place obviously on earth. It affords us with the sources inclusive of fuels, metals, and maximum varieties of power to apply. Yet we're exploiting surroundings with the activities that harm surroundings and are overusing the sources. Human activities rework the natural surroundings in to human environment through constructing buildings, industries, firms and the usage of the landscapes for the reason of development. It is important to apply the natural sources carefully and keep away from harming the nature for the wholesome and obviously wealthy life.

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