. Write a paragraph using the following outline in about

100 words: Keeping surroundings clean - learn this habit at a young age - good for

society - don't litter the streets - roadside - with garbage, rubbish - advise friends - neighbours - clean society - clean habits - good health


Best Answer


  • Keeping surroundings clean is a habit that should be acquired by everyone in society.
  • We all should learn this habit at a young age as it will contribute to doing good for society and for ourselves too. 
  • Everyone should be aware of things like ‘don’t litter the streets,’ ‘don’t throw things at the roadside,’ and ‘polythenes with garbage should be recycled.’ 
  • Instead of all the rubbish we talk about, we should advise friends and neighbors about cleanliness and follow it too. 
  • We must have a clean society which will come from clean habits and it will add to good health.

Final Answer: The paragraph following the outlines is written above.


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