. Write a short note on manufacturing and

non-farming activity in village Palampur.

Best Answer

Explanation :

  • Palampur is a hill station in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Dairy is the main non-farming activity of the people of Palampur. 
  • People in Palampur, domesticate cows and buffaloes for dairy products and sell milk to the people of Raiganj for an additional income. 
  • The people of Palampur are also engaged in manufacturing activities such as spinning, weaving, leather making etc. 

Final Answer :

In Palampur village, some people are engaged in small manufacturing units like spinning, weaving, leather making, etc.

Usually, the village economy depends on farming, but the people of Palampur are also involved in non-farming activities such as the dairy related activities.




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