. Write a short on Velocity Distribution of Gas molecules

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Speed of gas molecule change continiuosldue to intermolecur collis and their colliwith the waof contanieThus speed of aindividual molecule is not constant.Also the observable properties of gasuch as volume, presuure, and temperature are constant with time. It is expecto be applicableto the distribution of movemnt speed and we consisdea averagof the sof whole sof the collection gas molecule to remain conatant.


The above expression gives the number of molecules dNu having speeds between u and u + du in term of total number of molecules present (N), molar mass (M) of gas and temperature (T). According to expression the fraction of molecules (dNu/N) having the speeds in the range of u and u + du, for a gas of molar mass (M) depends only on temperature. Hence, for a given temperature, this fraction is constant. A plot of fraction of  is described in a graph molecules 



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