. Write an essay of about 150 200 words on

on the following: "My Dream"

Best Answer


Almost every person has a dream in his life which varies from having small to big dreams which is decided on the basis of what a person lacks.

For a poor person, the dream can be having good food; for a kid, a dream can be having his favourite toy; for a student, getting desired rank can be his dream and so on.

Ergo, dreams are something which people of every age group have and in order to fulfill these dreams, people sometimes do a lot of hard work, from sacrificing their sleep to not being lazy at any time.

They have to be consistent with whatever they do which is reflected from their dedication and passion to make the dream real.

There is a famous saying “dream big, achieve big” which brings to a conclusion that no matter what dream you see, everything is possible because people have that courage to achieve it.

If people can dream about it, means they can do it also and that is why there are so many successful people, because they dare to dream, just like Elon Musk, who saw a dream to make rockets and now he has his own SpaceX.


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