. Write Anomalous behaviour of Lithium

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Anomalous behaviour of lithium is due to extremely low size of lithium its cation On account of small size and high nuclear charge, lithium exerts the greatest polarizing effect out of all alkali metals on negative ion. Consequently lithium ion possesses remarkable tendency towards solvation and develops covalent character in its compounds. Li differs from other alkali metals in the following respects,

1. It is comparatively harder than other alkali metals.

2. ii. It can be melted in dry air without losing its brilliance. 

3.  Unlike other alkali metals, lithium is reactive among all. It can be noticed by the following properties, 

i. It is not affected by air. 

ii. It decomposes water very slowly to liberate H2. 

iii. It hardly reacts with bromine while other alkali metals react violently. 

4. Lithium is the only alkali metal which directly reacts with N2.

5. Lithium when heated in NH3 forms imide, Li2 NH while other metals form amides, MNH2. 


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