. Write Anomalous behaviour of Nitrogen

Best Answer

Nitrogen is known to differ form other members of the family because of the following facts,

i. Its small size 

ii. Its high electronegativity 

iii.  Its high ionisation energy 

iv. non-availability of d-orbital in the valence shell.

The main points of difference are,

1. Nitrogen is a gas while other members are solids. 

2. Nitrogen is diatomic while other elements like phosphorus and arsenic form tetra-atomic molecules  .

3. Hydrides of nitrogen show H-bonding while those of other elements do not.

4. Nitrogen does not show pentacovalency because of absence of d-orbitals while all other elements show pentacovalency. 

5. The hydride of nitrogen is highly basic in nature while the hydrides of other elements are slightly basic. 

6. Nitrogen does not form complexes because of absence of d-orbitals while other elements show complex formation .




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