. Write any three differences between metals and non-metals with respect to their physical properties?

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a. Metals are very hard except for sodium.

b. Metals are generally malleable and ductile.

c. They are shiny and lustrous

d.They are electropositive in nature.

e. Metals are good operators of heat and electricity.

f. They are used in machinery. Example: Copper, silver, gold etc.


a. Non- metals are soft except for diamonds.

b. Non- metals are generally brittle and can break down into smaller pieces.

c. They are not shiny and are non -lustrous except iodine.

d. They are electronegative in nature.

e. Non -metals are generally bad conductors of heat and electricity except graphite.

f. They have medicinal and chemical uses. Example: carbon, oxygen, sulphur etc.

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