. Write Assumption of Kinetic Theory of Gases

Best Answer

i. A gas consists of very large number of molecules. These molecules are identical, perfectly elastic and hard sphere. They are so small that the volume of molecules is negligible as compared with the volume of gas.

ii. Molecules move in all direction randomly. Molecules do not exert any appreciable force on one another or on the walls of the container except during collision.

iii. All collisions between the molecules or with the wall of the container are perfectly elastic. It means kinetic energy of molecules is conserved in each collision.

iv. These molecules travel in straight line. The duration of a collision is negligible in comparison to the time spent by a molecule between collisions.

v. In steady state, the density and the distribution of molecules with different velocities are independent of position, direction and time. This assumption is justified if the number of molecules is very large.

vi. The molecules obey Newton’s Laws of motion.

vii. The assumptions of kinetic theory are close to the real situation at low densities.


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