. Write capital letters A to Z of English alphabet

and in each case, if possible, draw the largest number of lines of symmetry.


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  • We need to understand symmetry, symmetrical objects, and symmetrical lines before we can answer this question.
  • Symmetry refers to the fact that when you move an object in some way, such as turning or flipping it, one shape looks exactly like another.
  • Symmetrical Objects: A symmetrical object is one that is identical on both sides. 
  • If a center dividing line can be drawn on a shape to show that both sides of the shape are the same, it is symmetrical.
  • Symmetrical Line: A symmetrical line is an imaginary line that divides a form or item into identical halves by passing through its center.
  • Take all of the capital letters in the English alphabet .


  • The alphabet with no symmetry line is presented below.

capital letters

  • The alphabet with only one symmetry line is given below.

capital letters

  • Below is a list of alphabets with only two or more lines of symmetry.

capital letters

  • The letter 'O' has an infinite symmetry line. 
  • The number of lines in the letter O cannot be counted since it is infinite. 
  • In the letter 'O,' infinity lines of symmetry can be drawn.
  • An asymmetrical figure is one in which the two parts do not share any similarities. 
  • None of the sides of an asymmetrical figure are the same.

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capital letters


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