. Write down differences between fertilizers and manure

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The few differences between manure and fertilizer are listed below:

  • Fertilizer is inorganically prepared, while manure is obtained organically from the decomposed plant and animal material.
  • Fertilizer is absorbed readily by the plants from the soil, while absorption of manure by the plants is slow.
  • Fertilizer is enriched with nutrients which is necessary for the plants, while manure is comparatively low in nutrient content.
  • Fertilizer does not add humus to the soil, while manure adds humus to the soil when applied.
  • Fertilizer is prepared synthetically in factories, while manure is prepared in fields.
  • Storage and transportation of fertilizer is quite convenient, while storage and transportation of manure is difficult.
  • Example of fertilizer is ammonia and that of manure is green manure.

Final Answer

Hence, fertilizers and manure have several differences as listed above.


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