. Write Inter halogen compound and its general properties

Best Answer

The compounds of one halogen with the other are called interhalogens or interhalogen compounds. The main reason for their formation is the large electronegativity and the size differences between the different halogens. 

General properties

i. Largest halogen always serves the central atom.

ii. The highest interhalogen compound i.e. lF7 is obtained with iodine, the largest halogen attached to the smallest one.

iii. The bonds in interhalogen compounds are essentially covalent.

iv. Thermal stability decreases as the size difference decreases and increases as the polarity of the bond increases. Thus ClF is thermally more stable as compared to IBr.

v. They are strong oxidizing agents.

vi.  Largest number of interhalogens are formed by fluorine due to its smaller size and higher electronegativity or oxidizing power. 


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