. Write on the types of biodiversity and examples of biodiversity

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Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of biological life forms on the Earth. It is of three types-

  1. Genetic diversity-
  • Diversity in the number and types of genes, variations present, and diversity present in different types of chromosomes and the alleles in different and same species is known as genetic diversity.
  • Genetic diversity increases the chances of survival in natural selection. Genetic diversity also helps in speciation and evolution. 
  1. Species diversity-a. Variety in the number and richness of the species of a region is known as species diversity. 
  • The species present per unit area is called species richness.
  • For example- the Western Ghats have greater amphibian species diversity as compared to the Eastern Ghats. 
  1. Ecological diversity- It is diversity among plants and animals living in an ecosystem (interacting with each other) connecting through food chains and webs. 
  • It is of three types-α, β, and γ- diversity)

Final Answer-

The variety of organisms on this earth is bio-diversitybio-diversity is of three types- genetic, species, and ecological diversity. 

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