. Write some points about the Rules of Nomenclature

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Rules of Nomenclature:

1. Names are always in latin and written in Italics. If latin version is not available names are latinised.

2. Binomial consist of genus and species name. Names of genus always start with capital letter while names of species starts with small letter.

3. If names are handwritten, name of genus and name of species are separately underlined.

4. The name of author comes after the names of species generally written in abbreviated form in romans.  Binomial along with name of author is referred as ‘Binomial Epithet’.

5. Names should not be of less than three letters and not more than 12 letters.

6. If name of species consist of two words then two words are joined by putting a hyphen (–) between two words  e.g. Hibiscus rosa – sinensis   (china rose).

7. Principal of priority is followed. The first valid published name is accepted as binomial and rest are considered as synonyms.

8. Tautonyms are not accepted i.e. when name of genus and species are same.

e.g. Malus  malus (apple), Rattus rattus

9. Homonyms are not accepted i.e. same name of different things.

e.g. Prunus dulsi  (Almond, plum)


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