. Write Some points on Benefecial effects and Harmful effects of Significance of transpiration

Best Answer

Transpiration is a very significant process having both beneficial and harmful effects.

Benefecial effects:

1. Continuous water stream is maintained due to transpiration pull throughout the plant body. Due to transpiration, there is also mass flow of water from soil to the roots. When the rate of transpiration is high, the rate of water translocation through xylem elements is also rapid.

The minerals dissolved in water are passively absorbed under the influence of transpiration and minerals which are actively absorbed, are translocated up to the top of plant due to transpiration pull.

2.  Transpiration helps in reducing temperature of leaf and avoids the plant being overheated. Thus, it gives cooling effect and protects plant.

3. Transpiration maintains optimum degree of turgidity in plant cells at which they function efficiently.

4. Under favourable conditions, plant absorbs excess amount of water which is given off by transpiration to maintain optimum turgidity for better growth and development.

Harmful effects:

1.  A large amount of water absorbed is lost, hence transpiration is energy sapping process.

2. Transpiration casues water deficit and plants can suffer from injury due to dessication.


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