. Write the 5 difference between CUI and GUI

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GUI represents graphical user Interface.

  • It is a UI where client collaborate with applications by utilizing designs.
  • In GUI beyond what one errand can run at the same time.
  • The client collaborates by pointing the applications utilizing gadgets like mouse.
  • It is an exceptionally easy to understand interface.Example(Windows, Linux)

CUI represents character user Interface.

  • In CUI client needs to collaborate with the applications by utilizing orders.
  • In CUI only each undertaking can run in turn.
  • CUI and GUI are UI utilized regarding PCs
  •  CUI is the forerunner of GUI and represents character UI where client needs to type on console to continue. Then again GUI represents Graphical User Interface which makes it conceivable to utilize a mouse rather than console
  •  GUI is a lot simpler to explore than CUI
  • There is just text in the event of CUI while there are illustrations and other visual signs if there should be an occurrence of GUI.
  •  Most current PCs use GUI and not CUI
  •  DOS is an illustration of CUI while Windows is an illustration of GUI

Final Answer:

The above mentioned are the five differences between CUI and GUI.



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