. Write the abscissa and ordinate of the point

(5, 0)

A: Abscissa: 5 Ordinate: 0

B: Abscissa: 0 Ordinate: 5

C: Abscissa: 0 Ordinate: 0

D: None of these


Best Answer


The ordinate is the second component of an ordered pair in the coordinate system.

If (x,y) is an ordered pair, then y is the ordinate in this case.

An ordered pair is used to represent a point in the Cartesian plane, and the abscissa is the initial coordinate(x)  in the plane.

The point in question is (5.0).

As a result, the supplied point's abscissa (x-coordinate) is5 .

As a result, the supplied point's ordinate (y-coordinate) is 0.


Final Answer:

Hence, the abscissa of the point (5.0) is 5 and the ordinate of the point(5.0)  is 0 .


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