. Write the coefficients of x^2 in each of the following

(i) 2 + x^2 + x   

(ii) 2 - x^2 + x^3 

(iii)  pi/2x^2 + x

(iv) √(2)x - 1


Best Answer


A coefficient is a number or quantity that is associated with a variable. It's commonly an integer multiplied by the variable immediately adjacent to it.

(i) 2+x2+x 

The x2 coefficient is 1.

(ii) 2-x2+x3

The x2 coefficient is -1.

(iii) (π/2)x2+x

The x2 coefficient is π /2.


In the provided formulation, there is no x2 term. It can be rewritten as 0x2 +√ 2x - 1

The coefficient of x2 equals 0 because x2 does not exist.

Final Answer:

(i) 2+x2+x , the coefficient of  x2 is 1.

(ii) 2-x2+x3, the coefficient of   x2  is -1.

(iii) (π/2)x2+x, here the coefficient of   x2  is  π/2.

(iv) √2x-1, the coefficient of   x is  0.


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