. Write the Functions of a flower

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Functions of a flower:

i. Flowers are modifications of shoot to perform the function of sexual reproduction. The fertile leaves become microsporophylls (stamen) and megasporophylls (carpels) which bear anthers and ovules respectively. The anthers produce pollen grains and the ovules possess eggs.

ii. Flowers of most of the angiosperms are shaped variously to help diverse modes of pollination.

iii. Flowers provide seat for germination of pollen, development of pollen tube, formation of gametes and fertilization.

iv. The ovary part of the carpel gets transformed into fruit and the ovules are transformed into seeds after fertilization.

v. Some floral parts like calyx and various modifications in ovaries help in the dispersal of fruits and seeds.

vi. In flowering plants sexual reproduction is divided into 3-events i.e., Pre-fertilisation, fertilization and post-fertilisation.


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