. Write the Properties of covalent compounds

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i. Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, these exist as gases (or) liquid of low boiling points. This is due to the fact that very weak forces of attraction (Vander Waal's forces) exist between discrete molecules. Some exist as soft solids if their molecular masses are high.

ii. With the exception of few, which have giant three-dimensional structure such as diamond, carborundum (SiC), silica (SiO2), others have relatively low melting and boiling points. This is due to the presence of weak attractive forces between the molecules. On supplying heat energy, the molecules are readily pulled out from these forces and move freely having high kinetic energy. 

iii. In general, covalent substances are bad conductors of electricity. Substances, which have polar character like HCl in solution, can conduct electricity. Covalent solids having giant molecules are bad conductors since they do not contain charged particles or free electrons. 

iv. Covalent substances show molecular reactions. The reaction rates are usually low as it involves breaking and establishing of covalent bonds.


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