. Write the Theory of Biogenesis by Pasteur's Experiment. Explain with Diagram

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Pasteur's Experiment: The remaining doubts were cleared by Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). He kept a mixture of sugar and yeast powder in a flask and filled about half of it with water. He, then, softened the neck of the flask and drew it out in the shape of 'S'. The contents of the flask were boiled till strong current of steam rushed out from the side tube. After this the flask was cooled. It was noted that the contents of the flask remained unchanged even after many days. But, when the neck of the flask was cut off, the solution of flask soon showed thick growth of organisms.


This could be explained by presuming that air contains micro-organisms which in the first case could not reach the solution of the flask and were retained in its curved neck, whereas in the second case bacteria came in direct contact of the solution.

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