. You are Mohit/ Mohita who recently read an article in the newspaper regarding the pollution created by chemical industries

Your teacher asks you to deliver a speech on ‘Environmental pollution and chemical industries’. Write this speech in not more than 200 words using the hints given below along with your own ideas

Results of Industrial development

 Pollution  -  set up of industrial units unmindfully

Adverse effect on organisms

Pesticide manufacturing units

Emission of poisonous gases

Resulting air pollution

Water pollution

Smell from factories

Cutting of trees to set up factories

 Use of chemicals to kill insects etc

Best Answer

Ans: Good morning principal ma’am, teachers and my dear friends today I am standing in front of you to express my views on the topic. ‘Environmental pollution and chemical industries’.

Environmental pollution has been increasing with the exorbitant and haphazard growth of industries. In the name of industrial development, industrial units have been located unmindfully without any consideration of their proper location and even without thinking about their adverse effects on all sorts of living organisms. Of all the industries, chemical and in that, too, the pesticides manufacturing contribute more to the pollution. While manufacturing pesticides, the emission of poisonous gases immediately and constantly terrifies the residents, residing near factories, creating air pollution; making even breathing extremely difficult. Such units pollute water also slowly but steadily of which fruits are reaped in the long run, affect human beings, animals, crops and vegetation enormously. The people, residing enroute the wind direction of factories, are the worst sufferers. A lot of hue and cry due to the pollution caused by pesticides has been prevailing among the residents living in the industrial areas and their surrounding inhabited parts for the last more than a decade. The genisis is that when bad smell in manufacturing process is inevitable and at the same time the pesticides are to kill the harmful insects, rodent and unwanted plants technicians working in the factories, farmers and wanted plans are either killed or adversely affected.

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