SSC Worksheet for Chapter - 4 Metals And Non Metals Class 8

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Find SSC Worksheet for chapter-4 Metals And Non Metals class 8

  1. CLASS-8
  3. Chemistry Worksheet - 4
  4. TOPIC: Metals And Non Metals
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  1. Mon metals normally breaks on ap0plying force because it is __________while metals are ________, hence can be beaten into thin sheets.
  2. Only metal liquid at room temperature is _____________.
  3. Ciraphite is a good conductor of electricity. (True /False)
  4. Metal forms _________ oxides.
  5. Non metal forms _________ oxides.
  6. __________ are formed by mixing more than one metal together in a fixed proportion.
  7. A 22 carat gold has __________ % of gold.
  8. Metals like potassium ( - K )and Cesium (Cs) are stored in Kerosine or other non polar solvent because __________ reactive.
  9. Least corrosive ornamental metals are _________ are _________
  10. _______________ gas is released when metals react chemically with acids.


  1. What do you understand by Ductility. Malleability and Sonorously.
  2. Explain corrosion.
  3. Differentiate Metals and Non metals.
  4. Why ornaments are not made from 24 caret gold. Explain.
  5. How will you label two jars having metal oxide another jar and non-metal oxide in another jar

Find Worksheet ​For chapter-4 Metals And Non Metals class 8 With Solutions prepared by Physics Wallah experts

  1. brittle, malleable
  2. Mercury
  3. True
  4. basic or alkaline
  5. Acidic
  6. Alloys
  7. 91.8
  8. highly
  9. Gold, Silver and Platinum
  10. Hydrogen
    1. Ductility: Ability of a metrication be drawn into writes is its ductility
    2. Malleability: Ability of a solid to be formed into a thin sheet on beating
    3. Amorously: Ability of a solid to transmit sound through at a longer distance.
  11. The unwanted action reaction at the surface of metals which leads to their weaving is termed as corrosion Ex. a rusting of irons nail .
  12. Metal Non-metal
    1. Ductile, makeable, sonorous 1. Non-duelist, non-makeable
    2. conducts & electricity & heat 2. Non. Conductor heat & electrical
    3. Forms alkaloid bases 3. Forms acids
  13. Because 24 carat gold is soft in nature so it easily be broken leading to waking amounts.
  14. Using Rod and blue litmus paper litmus test.

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