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CBSE Worksheet for chapter-11 Surface Area and Volume class 9

Worksheet For class 9

Find CBSE Worksheet for chapter-11 Surface Area and Volume class 9



Mathematic Worksheet - 11

TOPIC: Surface Area and Volume

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  1. The height of a conical tent at the centre is 5m.The distance of any point its circular base from the top of the tent is 13m.The area of the slant surface is.
    1. 144 π sq. m
    2. 130 π sq. m
    3. 156 π sq. m
    4. 169sq.m π
  2. The percentage increase in the area of a cube, when each side is increased to times the original length is
    1. 225
    2. 200
    3. 175
    4. 125
  3. The radius and height of a cone are each increased by 20% then the volume of the cone is increased by
    1. 20%
    2. 40%
    3. 60%
    4. 72.8%
  4. Consider a hollow cylinder of inner radius r and thickness of wall t and length l. The volume of the above cylinder is given by
    1. 2 π l(r 2-l 2)
    2. 2 πr2l (t/2r+1)
    3. 2 π l(r 2+l2)
    4. 2 πrl(r+l)
  5. A sphere of radius 3cm is dropped into a cylindrical vessel of radius 4cm.If the sphere is submerghed completely then the height (in cm) to which the water rises is
    1. a) 2.35
    2. b) 2.30
    3. c) 2.25
    4. d) 2.15


  1. The whole surface of a rectangular block is 846 cm 2.Find the length breadth and height, if these dimension are in the ratio 5:4:3.
  2. A room 8m long 6 m broad and 3 m high has two windows 1 m x 1m and a door 2m x m. Find he cost of papering the wall with paper 50cm wide at Rs 40 per meter.
  3. A tent is in the shape of a right circular cylinder surrounded by a right circular cone. The height of the cylinder and the conical parts are 40 m and 21m respectively. If the base diameter of the tent is 56m, find the area of the required canvas to make a tent if 29% of the area is consumed in folding and sewing.
  4. toy is in the form of a right circulate cylinder closed at one end and with a hemisphere at the other end The height and the radius of the base are 15cm and 6cm respectively. The radius of the cylinder and the hemisphere are same. Calculate the total surface area and the volume of the toy. If the toy is painted at the rate of Rs 2.50 per 10cm2.find the cost of painting the toy
  5. An iron pillar has some portion in the form of right circular triangle and remaining in the form of a right circular cone. The radius of the base of the each of the cone and the cylinder is 8 cm. The cylindrical portion is 240 cm high and the conical part is 36 cm high. Find the weight of the pillar if one cubic cm of iron weighs 7.8g.
  6. A solid metallic sphere of diameter 28 is melted and recasted into a no. of smaller cones each of diameter 4 cm and height 3 cm. Find the no. of cones so formed.

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