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Prithvi AFCAT1 2023

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The AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) exam is a competitive examination for those seeking to join the Indian Air Force. The AFCAT Examination 2023 is an opportunity for candidates to showcase their abilities and join the Indian Airforce in various branches like Flying, Technical, and Ground Duty.

To prepare for the examination, AFCAT coaching is necessary to help the candidates to understand the examination pattern and to have a better chance of clearing the exam. One of the best ways to prepare for the AFCAT exam is through AFCAT online class. AFCAT's best coaching provides the candidates with comprehensive study material, Online classes, Practice sets and mock tests aligned with the latest AFCAT pattern.

The AFCAT course is designed to help the candidates to clear the AFCAT exam on the first attempt. PW has come up with the best AFCAT courses. In these courses, students will learn from the country's best educators at an affordable price. The online courses for AFCAT comprise live lectures and notes designed per the latest exam pattern of the AFCAT examination.

Syllabus Covered

The AFCAT syllabus consists of three main sections: verbal ability in English, numerical ability, reasoning, and military aptitude test.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum educational qualification required for the AFCAT Exam is scored a minimum of 60% marks each in Maths and Physics at 10+2 level and Graduation with 60 percentage.

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Most Engaging Batches for AFCAT Examination

Prithvi AFCAT1 2023

Unlock the doors to the Indian Air Force as a free Graduate aspirant with our exclusive Defence Wallah batch. This opportunity covers all four sections of the AFCAT and is tailored to prepare you for the Officer cadre as pilots, Technical & Ground duty branch officers. Join us live on our YouTube Channel, Defence Wallah, except for the reasoning class, which will be provided in recorded form. Stay organised and on track with our weekly schedule shared on the Defence Wallah community post and enhance your preparation with class notes in PDF format, uploaded on our PW App. Take your readiness to the next level with two mock tests provided and be ready to soar with classes starting on 26th Dec.

Course Highlights

The best way to pass the AFCAT is with the help of Physics Wallah's online classroom program for AFCAT Coaching, which includes a complete set of study materials, integrated exams, mock tests, a performance analyser, and more. Here are a few of the most promising benefits of taking AFCAT courses.

  • Live & Recorded Sessions: All students will have access to the course, including both live and recorded sessions, until the AFCAT 2023 exam.
  • Practice Tests: More than 10+ practice tests that will help you improve speed and accuracy.
  • Syllabus: The best educators in Physics Wallah will complete the full and latest version of the AFCAT syllabus on time.
  • Study Material: You will be provided with notes and other AFCAT-study materials to brush up on your preparation.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): Daily Practice Problems (DPP) and their video solutions, which are formatted as quizzes, will be released along with lectures.
  • Doubt-solving Engine: Dedicated instructors that use the best doubt engine to clear your queries.

Benefits of the Courses

  • A lecture planner and test planner will be provided.
  • Daily practice problems(DPPs) will be provided in pdf format with solutions in video format.
  • Committed faculty to solving doubts through best-in-class Doubt Engine.
  • Course taught by best faculty in India.
  • Interactive test platform with All India Ranking.
  • The best site for AFCAT preparation for the Graduate students
  • In case any student misses live classes, he/she can watch recorded lectures any number of times; recorded lectures will be provided after live classes.
  • A revision planner will be provided to students before the exams.


. Batch is for whom?

Ans: The batch is for graduate aspirants who have scored above 60% in their graduation and wish to join the Indian Air Force as pilots, technical, and ground duty branch officers.

. Will the lecture be live or recorded?

The lectures will be in recorded form

. Will classes be available on an app or YouTube?

The lectures for this batch will be recorded, which means they will be pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time. These recorded lectures will be available on a YouTube channel and an app/web version. This allows for flexibility in how you access the lectures, as you can choose to watch them on the YouTube platform or through the app/web version.

. What can we do if we want to see the previous lecture?

Go to the Batch> select subject>you can see the dates of previous days of one week only. If you want to see an older lecture, then tap on the "Previous/ Classroom Contacts" Option> You can find all the topics there only>click on your topic you will get the videos and notes there.

. Is the mentioned price a Yearly or Monthly fee?

The cost of this batch is not charged on a yearly or monthly basis. Instead, there is no cost associated with this batch. It is available completely free of charge. This means that you will not be required to pay fees or charges to access the lectures and materials provided in this batch.
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