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Chemistry is subject of application of chemistry formulas and understanding the reactions. Basics of chemistry is must to understand class 11 and 12th chemistry. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chemistry formulas based on important chapters of chemistry from class 11 and 12 .We have prepared chapter wise chemistry formulas which includes chapters from physical, Inorganic and organic chemistry.

While solving the numerical of physical chemistry your require all-important chemistry formulas ,and to write the chemical reaction of organic chemistry one must have very clear understanding of the mechanism, which is used in Organic chemistry .Physics Wallah added all reactions in chemistry formula of organic chemistry sections. Solve NCERT Exercise with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for class 12 Chemistry.

Organic Compound

Inorganic Compound

List of Chemistry Mind Maps and Short Notes

Chemistry is a subject of facts and its application. The best way to build conceptual clarity in chemistry start from knowing the Chemistry formulas. When you are in class 11 or in class 12, Chemistry is sub divided into three parts named as physical ,organic and inorganic chemistry. This page consist of all formula required for building strong foundation in Chemistry.

  1. Physical chemistry formulas
  2. Organic chemistry formulas
  3. Inorganic chemistry formulas

To become expert in all three parts of chemistry, chemistry formula will help you a lot. In this page academic team of expert faculty members uploaded chemistry formula of physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry in pdf form .Select the chapter you required and download the chemistry formulas which you required.

chemistry formula

About Basics of Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject of understanding how elements & compounds perform. We have provided you with a list of important Chemistry formulas that can be helpful. Since the properties of substance vary very significantly. Understanding their properties is very important. Since surrounding temperature greatly implicates upon the properties of the substances.

We have prepared a detailed analysis of every chemical compound. These Chemistry formulas help the students to deeply understand the elements behind the compound formation. Since formulas need to be learnt by heart just before the examination, So it is crucial to go with the best. Before Solving the Questions Make sure your have gone through all Chemistry Formulas prepared by PhysicsWallah.

Why Chemistry Formulas are important?

Students looking forward to scoring top marks in examination need to have a solid command over Chemistry formulas before. The study material we provide at PhysicsWallah is highly important for students looking forward to scoring topmost marks. Since chemistry comprises of the wide syllabus, our Chemistry formulas are very concise.

They help students to give a gist of the topic with minimal coverage. The team at PhysicsWallah are experts of chemistry from IIT’s. We undergo extensive research to offer our students the best Chemistry formulas study material. Since we are determined to offer students with the ease of learning chemistry we provide various strategies. The students can find various important Chemistry formulas for examination.

The Chemistry formulas are always the preference of toppers of class. The detailed provision to Chemistry formulas is to ensure all the student's maximum marks. We have a special dedicated provision of all the important Chemistry formulas in our study material. The list of Chemistry formulas is prepared after thorough research of previous year question papers. We ensure the study material we have been providing is of maximum benefit to students preparing for their examination.

The team at Physics Wallah is dedicated to providing top-notch study material. A detailed explanation to each and every part of Chemistry formulas is provided in the study. We ensure the students having extensive command over the study material will score topmost marks. Do solve questions from NCERT text book and take help from Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions.

How to Study Chemistry Formulas effectively?

Chemistry is most of the times considered tough to a large segment of students. We have made efforts to simplify the learning of chemistry by providing Chemistry formulas to every student. The study offers a complete clarity to students. Since chemistry is much diversified, so students studying Chemistry formulas need not worry. Having complete knowledge of Chemistry formulas will provide you with benefit in future competitive exams. The students can easily use this Chemistry formula in order to revise just before the examination. The students will be provided with the necessary information to write and memorise formulas.

How to use Chemistry Formula of physical chemistry

Physical chemistry is a subject which required application of concept in the numerical it start with mole concept and its application, before that learn chemistry formula and its symbols from modern periodic table . After doing mole concept do revise all formula use in mole and move to Atomic structure chapter.

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded all important formula use in atomic structure, download the pdf of chemistry formula of chapter just after you have completed the topic and revise it from the pdf. This will help you to complete the chapter revision very quickly and then you can move to solve the numerical of the chapter. Our academic team uploaded all chapter formula pdf of physical chemistry you can download for your reference in just one click.

How to use Chemistry Formula of Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry required a different type of approach as compared to physical chemistry. When you start organic chemistry always start thinking about how the reaction proceed rather than why. Try to understand the difference between How and why. Start the organic chemistry with general organic chemistry download the pdf of chemistry formula of organic chemistry which consist of all pointer which are frequently required while writing reaction mechanism.

We have added all acidic strength order, reactions and its mechanism, important point about the isotopic effect in organic reactions and all important organic reaction mechanism like elimination reaction , substitution reactions , use of different group participation , application of oxidising and reducing agents. So in chemistry formula of organic chemistry you can get chapter wise reactions and its application pointer in very few page which are highly usefully for the revision and quick recap.

How to use Chemistry Formula of Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry is subjects of facts and applications so chemistry formula of inorganic chemistry is highly useful for the revision as well as retention of the subjects . Physics Wallah uploaded all topics of inorganic chemistry for the revision .Start Inorganic chemistry with chemical bonding chapter and try to understand the hybridation and shape of the molecules and learn the chemistry formula of different important molecules.

For inorganic chemistry follow NCERT text book and take help form NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry. This will be helpful in all chapter of chemistry . Start with periodic table and learn all chemistry formula given in periodic table and trend of acidic and basic properties . Physics Wallah uploaded all important points which are required for all topics.

Why PhysicsWallah is best for Chemistry Formula?

The experts of the chemistry have drafted this study material. The team at PhysicsWallah is all the way available to assists students with their doubts in chemistry. Since we truly believe in sharing information to needy students. All the Chemistry formulas are provided completely free on the website. The students can also share this Chemistry formula among their friends. All students need to do is register on our website and access to world-class study material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who can Use the above Chemistry formulas?

Ans. This page is prepared for the students who are in class 11 and 12 having chemistry as a subject. All students who are preparing Chemistry for CBSE board, Olympiad, JEE and NEET can use these chapter-wise chemistry formulas for effective revision. Each chapter consists of all formulas used in the chapter to solve the questions numerical or MCQ based.

Q2. What is the best way to use Chemistry formulas?

Ans. The best way to use Chemistry formulas is to start the chapter form your textbook, read the theory given in the textbook make the notes of the chapter write down all important definitions and reactions given in the textbook. Before you move to solve the exercise of the chapters revises the entre chapter form the above pdf of Chemistry formulas. This way you can do the effective revision of the chapter and if few formulas you have missed you can get it to form the sheet given in Chemistry formulas.

Q3. Are the chemistry formulas being chapter wise?

Ans. Our academic team prepared Chemistry formulas in the class-wise and unloaded class 11 Chemistry formulas and class 12 Chemistry formulas separately to give you an additional advantage. Each class Chemistry formulas are prepared chapter wise and consist of all important formulas required to solve the questions and numerical. Apart from chapter wise, we have prepared a separate section of important Chemistry formulas that are used in general chemistry questions in general Chemistry formulas sections.

Q4. To become experts in subjects like chemistry are these formulas are helpful.

Ans. Chemistry is subject knowledge and its application. It consists of few parts which required understanding and few chapters specifically inorganic chemistry which required facts and its applications. To become experts in chemistry on must remember all facts given in chapter wise Chemistry formulas uploaded by Physics Wallah.

Q5. What are the basics of chemistry which needed to give additional weightage?

Ans. The first chapter of class 11 chemistry is mole concepts it required additional practice because it is used in all other chapters. One must have a very clear concept in atomic structure and chemical bonding to understand the concepts of chemistry in other chapters. The periodic table will help you to understand the inorganic chemistry all total . While preparing organic chemistry one must have a very clear concept in general organic chemistry and hydrocarbons.

Q6. Where can I get the additional Questions for chemistry?

Ans. Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded lots of MCQ based question which is freely available for download you can download the chemistry questions and answer from Physics Wallah for additional practice.

Q7. Class wise chemistry online quiz will help me to excel in the subject like chemistry.

Ans. Certainly yes once you have prepared your chapter and gone through the chapter-wise Chemistry formulas sheet of Physics Wallah after that one must check his concept through an online test. To help you in this our team uploaded chapters wise chemistry quiz which is as follows.

Q8. What are Chemistry Formula?

Ans. The Chemistry formula of a compound could be a symbol of its chemical composition. Chemical formulas provide insight into the elements that form up the molecules of a compound and the ratio in which the atoms of those elements come together to form such molecules. For example, the chemical formula of water, H2O, suggests that two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form a water molecule.

Q9. What is the importance of Chemistry Formula?

Ans. The importance of chemistry formula are:

  • Chemistry formulas give an insight into the Chemistry composition of a compound.
  • They also represent the proportions in which the ingredients combine to form the compound.
  • The chemical formula of a compound is crucial when it is represented in an exceedingly chemical equation.
  • Chemical formulas can also be used to represent ions, free radicals, and other chemical types.

Q10. What are the types of chemical Formula?

Ans. While the term "chemical formula" generally refers to the molecular formula of a compound, the compositions of chemical compounds will be expressed in various ways, as indicated here-

Molecular formula- In molecular formulas, the elements are denoted by their symbols (as within the periodic table), and also the number of atoms of each element in the molecule is written in an index.

Empirical formula- The empirical formula of a matter represents the ratio of the elements present in this compound. Empirical formulas are usually obtained from the analysis of experimental data. The empirical formula for glucose is CH2O. Empirical formulas will be derived from the molecular formulas.

Structural formula-The structural formula of a chemical compound provides insight into the arrangement of the atoms within the molecule.

Q11. How to write the chemical formula?

Ans. For writing a chemical formula, it is important to know the symbol of the elements present within the compound, the formula of the radicals, and therefore the valence of the elements therein compound.

Q12. What is the significance of the chemical formula?

Ans. The significance of chemical formulas is:

  • The formula represents the name of a substance.
  • The formula represents one molecule of a substance.
  • The formula represents 6.022 x 1023 (one mole) molecules of a substance.
  • The formula represents the name of the elements it contains.
  • The formula is the number of atoms of every element present in a molecule of the substance.
  • The formula represents a given mass of the substance (i.e. the mass of the substance in grams).

Q13. What does a formula say about a compound?

Ans. The basic composition of a compound can be given by a chemical formula. A chemical formula uses symbols from the periodic table to indicate the types of elements that are present in a particular compound, while indices are used to represent the number of each type of element present. Compounds can be covalent or ionic.

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