How Can I Crack CUET Exam Without Coaching?

Making the ideal plan for any admission exam, let alone CUET, is complex. There is a clear requirement to have a successful preparation for CUET," even though one can always debate the value of hard effort, the demands of the school curriculum, etc. If you can advance your Boards preparation for 2023 and your CUET preparation, that will be advantageous. You will undoubtedly stay ahead of your classmates.

It takes more than just hard work-perseverance, consistency, and the right tools and mentoring—to pass an entrance exam like the CUET. You must balance your CUET preparation effectively, given the additional burden of the board exams.

Understand how to study for the CUET exam 2023 and your exams properly.

How Can I Crack CUET Exam Without Coaching

10 Best Tips to Crack CUET Exam Without Coaching?

  1. Recognize the Exam Pattern

The amount of questions is the same. However, each college's paper has a different layout. To pass the entrance exam, it is crucial to understand the paper format for the particular college.

The admission test will have four portions, according to the CUET Exam Pattern:

  • Section A: 13 Languages
  • Section B: 19 Languages
  • Section 1: Domain-specific test
  • Section 2: General test

Understanding the specific exam structure for the college you've applied to is crucial. You should begin to make preparations only after you have visited the CUET's official website to learn the exam schedule for each college to which you have applied.

  1. Recognize the syllabus
  • The second step is to list down the curriculum so you can know what to study once you have a handle on your exam schedule. The appropriate syllabus for the course and the college you apply to is available on the official CUET website.
  • Keep in mind that every college may have a different syllabus. Therefore, before you begin your preparations, you must carefully review and double-check your syllabus. So definitely check CUET Syllabus for 2023.
  1. Make a timetable
  • If you organize your scheduling well, it can produce excellent outcomes. But for most people, creating a study plan is one of the most challenging chores.
  • There should be a CUET timetable in your daily agenda for CUET exam preparation.
  • You might allot 1-2 hours for the entrance exam and the remaining time for the board exams.
  • You can use most of your time for the NTA CUET exam once the board exams are over.
  1. List the colleges you want to attend
  • You must create a list of CUET colleges or courses before you begin your cuet preparation.
  • Then, be aware of the college's counseling status and the prior year's cutoff.
  • By doing this, you will better understand the CUET exam score requirements necessary to enroll in a particular course at the college of your choice.
  • Additionally, it will improve how well you are prepared for the following test.
  1. Your new friend should be the newspaper
  • Reading the news will improve your vocabulary, punctuation, and reading ability.
  • You can use the Hindu or Time of India newspapers to hone your English.
  • To improve your Hindi, you can read the newspaper.
  • You must study and analyze the newspaper's editorial page for at least 30 minutes.
  1. English reading, listening, and speaking
  • Listening, reading, and Performing well on Section A: language test paper of the NTA CUET Exam, speaking in English is necessary.
  • The more you use it, the better your grammar and vocabulary will get.
  • Reading books, magazines, and newspapers is an excellent approach to improving your reading abilities.
  • You learn more the more you pay attention! So, give English-language music and news bulletins a go.
  • You can watch English-language movies while keeping an eye out for new words you come across when reading the subtitles.
  • Additionally, use English as often as you can when conversing with those around you.
  1. Test Your Levels of Preparation
  • Checking your preparation is one of the top 10 strategies for passing the CUET exam in 2023, according to experts.
  • Analyzing your level of preparation is crucial to passing the admission exam.
  • You must practice the ideas and create topic tests based on the exam format to understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas that can be improved.
  • Try to attempt as many MCQs from your board exam subjects as possible.
  • Take at least one CUET previous year question paper test as well, and after finishing the mock test, try to evaluate your performance.
  1. Select the subjects in which you can excel (Domain Section)
  • You must pick the subjects you find incredibly intriguing and enjoyable to study. You will only retain the subjects for a short time if there is interest in them.
  • You will advance more quickly and effectively than others who do not study with interest. Analyze the subject you are knowledgeable with using NCERT or class 12 books before selecting the topics.
  • Depending on your knowledge and interests, pick the domain section topics that interest you.
  1. Split your plan into two pieces (Before Boards & After Boards)
  • It is suggested that you break your CUET Syllabus up into two parts as described below
  • Cover all of the domain subjects and board topics before the board exams.
  • After board exams: Once you've finished your board examinations, you can work on your aptitude and language papers.
  • After your board exams, set aside some time for the revision portion.
  1. Compete just against one opponent (Self)
  • One of the top ten essential strategies for passing the CUET exam in 2023 is to compete against yourself. First of all, remember that everyone's preparation will be different, so try to keep seeing someone else prepared from demotivating you.
  • It's crucial to monitor your development each day.
  • Write down each topic individually in a notepad, then score your knowledge of it once a week. You will learn which subject you should pay closer attention to in this manner.
  • You can also analyze your monthly score by taking practice exams or tests organized by topic.

Best Books for CUET 2023 - Physics, Chemistry, Math Biology

Best Books for preparation tips for CUET exam in Physics

Class 12 NCERT textbook for physics.

S.L. Arora's New Simplified Physics Class 12.

Fundamental Physics for Class 12 by Pradeep

Verma, HC (Vol 2).

Best Books for Preparing for the CUET in Chemistry

Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Textbook.

Class 12 Modern ABC of Chemistry

For Grade 12, use Dinesh Companion Chemistry.

For Physical Chemistry, O.P. Tandon.

Best Math Preparation Books

Class 12 math NCERT textbook.

Sharma, RD (Class 12).

The RS Aggarwal (Class 12).

Mathematics for Class XII by S. Chand.

Best Books for preparation tips for CUET exam in Biology

NCERT textbook for biology, grade 12.

Biology for Class 12 by Arihant.

NCERT for MTG at your fingertips

CUET 2023 Study Advice by Subject


  • The secret to doing well on Physics exams is understanding the topics and practicing the questions. Start with straightforward issues before moving on to more challenging ones. You learn an idea more clearly by solving difficulties. The better for you is to practice physics more and analyze your errors.
  • Keep a different copy for formulas. Keep them up to date.


  • Understand the theories and the workings of the reactions in organic chemistry. As you study each chapter, take notes. Spend your spare time continuing to consider reactions and mechanisms. It facilitates revision.
  • By solving problems regularly, you can increase your physical chemistry speed. To help you recall formulas and reactions, whether you are solving problems or taking tests, make a list of them from the beginning and glance at them frequently.
  • Numerous NCERT readings and revisions are necessary for inorganic chemistry. Take accurate notes as you go.


  • Since it is an art, mathematics takes a lot of practice. The more you study and practice math, the more your brain grows, and the better you get at solving problems.
  • Be careful when calculating and managing your time in math. You ought to be familiar with the ideas and formulas. Know all available shortcuts.


  • Read the NCERT (school text) in its entirety. Create notes right away and periodically review Biology. Some chapters demand a very in-depth comprehension, while others call for memorizing. Pay attention to both areas.
  • The importance of practicing MCQs is the same in Biology as it is in Physics and Chemistry. You have a greater chance of forgetting what you read than what you practiced for the exam.

Important revision advice

The most significant advice for those getting ready for CUET 2023 is to go through all the crucial material in an organized fashion. Here is some advice from our professionals:

  • Determine every subject on which you must concentrate.
  • Create a comprehensive plan to address such issues.
  • Review the sections of the material you find most challenging.
  • Mock papers are then an option for you. This will assist you with time management.
  • Look through the question paper from the previous year to identify the essential subjects and questions.
  • Try to comprehend the paper's design.
  • Continue reviewing the issues you are good at right up until the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How should I prepare for both the Board Exams and the CUET?


  • Class XII will serve as the basis for the CUET subject/domain test syllabus to relieve applicants of the burden of studying for both exams. Candidates will be better able to look for their board exams with the effort needed to succeed at CUET.
  • Learn to solve problems quickly using calculations as well as lengthy theoretical solutions. You must be adaptable when answering questions for CUET and board exams. The grading process for board exams is step-by-step, you have to fill in points, and flowcharts and diagrams are included in the responses. While taking the CUET, you only need the correct answer and some basic math.

Q2. What period is best for studying for the CUET?

Ans. You should put in at least five to six hours a day of study time if you want to ace the test. You must remain focused while studying for the CUCET 2023 exam.

Q3. Can a Regular Student Pass the CUET in 2023?

Ans. Students who are willing to work diligently and consistently in the remaining period can pass CUET 2023. Study all of the CUET syllabus' topics for domain-specific subjects (based on the class 12 syllabus). Whether an ordinary or clever student, you may succeed in the CUET with the correct preparation and guidance from knowledgeable professors.

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