Why is Online NEET Coaching Better Than Offline

In March 2020, The Covid-19 pandemic significantly changed the world's education system. The coronavirus attack has had a crucial impact on the educational system worldwide. Under these circumstances, the government decided to impose a national lockdown. The pandemic caused further shocks to the educational system, with schools and colleges forced to shut down during this lockdown.

In India, around 250+ million students were affected due to school and college closures at the onset of the lockdown induced by the CoronaVirus. The imposition of the lockdown affected physical classrooms, which is why online education became the new norm. Although online learning has played an important role in keeping education alive in that situation, it cannot completely replace it.

The unpredictable situation of COVID-19 caused the government of India to instruct educational institutions to move to digital learning and teaching mode during the pandemic. Online learning and classes increasingly became an essential part of the education system worldwide. Online classes are a newly introduced mode of learning and teaching.

Why is Online NEET Coaching Better Than Offline

Mode of Education in Offline and Online Classes

  • When it comes to online classes, Teachers and students can easily access them from anywhere as long as they have proper access to an internet connection. Online classes provide the best learning tools, including videos, Audio, virtual whiteboards, virtual conference rooms, and live chats with the teachers.
  • On the contrary, offline classes provide students with a practical learning environment in a physical classroom. Offline classes let students interact with their teachers closely and participate in live discussions and debates. It contributes to the overall mental and physical development of the students.

Online Classes VS Offline Classes

Formerly, Offline coaching was the only default option for medical aspirants to prepare for NEET. But now, online NEET classes have become very popular among aspirants. Online coaching delivers experienced and qualified faculty teaching with low cost and more resources like live classes, instant doubt solving, recording facility, and mock test series.

Both online and offline education have their league of advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits were mainly

  • Easy to Access and Saving Commuting Time
  • Flexibility of Classes
  • Experienced and Well Qualified Faculties
  • One-to-One Interaction and Instant Doubt Solving
  • Low costs

Easy to Access and Saving Commuting Time

  • One of the most significant advantages of online classes is their accessibility worldwide. Aspirants can easily log in from anywhere and access learning material from the convenience of their homes. The aspirants can quickly attend their lectures without any problem as long as having proper access to an internet connection. So, online classes provide the distinct benefits of location flexibility.
  • The classes are usually conducted in the evening, giving students enough time for rest, allowing them to be mentally prepared for the class, saving their time, and delivering comfort zones at home with high-quality teaching.
  • Aspirants are no longer required to shift to some other place. It is convenient for aspirants to study and prepare, adjusting to the place, food, etc. With NEET online coaching, Aspirants can learn at home with the best faculty.
  • On the other hand, Offline classes are required for physical absence. Sometimes students get fatigued after attending college, and they need to go straight to the coaching; after school, aspirants have to travel to the place of their educational institution, which is necessary for offline classes. Meanwhile, teaching takes place in a fixed location which usually includes a lecture hall or a physical classroom. Certain aspirants may need to travel far to reach their respective educational institutions, which may cause a big deal of inconvenience.

Flexibility of Classes

  • The flexibility of classes is the main point of online classes. In digital coaching, the classes are recorded for further reference, so if any aspirant is absent in any class, they can watch the same class later at any time. Online classes allow the aspirants to set their own learning pace without additional pressure.
  • Since aspirants can access the recorded videos and online learning material, they can attend lectures as and when it is convenient. It also gives aspirants more time to learn the study material and cover their topics or research at their pace. There is no chance of missing a lecture.
  • In offline classes, if they have been facing any problems due to health issues or other reasons, they may miss the class. But in online coaching, the classes are recorded for future reference, so they can watch the same class later at any time if they are absent from any class. There is some rigidity when it comes to offline education. Aspirants must attend their lectures or sessions on time since there are no pre-recorded videos, Audio, or notes that are easily accessible to the aspirants. Therefore, students must follow a predetermined and strict schedule set by their educational institute.

Experienced and Well Qualified Faculties

  • In online classrooms, only the method of learning has been changed; the rest of the things, like the efficiency of teaching, study material, resources, test papers, etc., are all the same, like physical coaching. Online classes, where experienced and qualified NEET teachers teach aspirants, provide even better quality than coaching centers.
  • Another benefit of NEET online coaching is candidates who are hesitant to ask questions in the classroom. Now easily raise their queries and clear their doubts through the live chat, and teachers help make them obstinate and confident and enhance their skills.
  • Also, online NEET preparations increase the engagement between students, teachers, and parents. Digital classes also help to bring a lot more transparency, which was absent at the beginning.

One-to-One Interaction and Instant Doubt Solving

  • Contrary to popular belief, there is rarely any interaction between aspirants and their teachers in online education, and there is enough interaction between aspirants and teachers over the online platform. Student-teacher interaction in online classes may be both synchronous and asynchronous, and it depends on their nature. In a physical class, teachers cannot focus on an individual student.
  • One-to-one interaction is hardly possible. Generally, aspirants often miss out on clearing their doubts because they need to interact with their teachers appropriately.
  • Whereas in NEET online classes, the batches are too short, 20-25 students maximum, which praises an aspirant to ask their doubts more easily and freely.
  • In online classes, permission has been granted to their aspirants to keep in touch with their teachers no matter the time or location. Online classrooms also allow two-way communication, which crucially influences learning skills.
  • In the case of offline classes, there is face-to-face and active communication between aspirants and teachers. They can only have lively discussions and debates. Moreover, offline classes allow aspirants to immediately address their doubts and queries and receive quick feedback. Teachers have to use different teaching methods to engage their students, which is not fruitful for the aspirants.

Low Cost

There are lots of aspirants who need more money to afford expensive classroom coaching for NEET. Online coaching has proved to be very helpful for such students. It helps them get a reasonable chance with the pledge of the same quality of education, study material, and techniques. It also helps the students save money traveling long distances to reach their coaching institutes.


Students preparing to appear for the NEET exam, one of the toughest entrance exams for medical college, need to ask themselves, are they ready to join NEET coaching??

The extensive NEET syllabus and 10-14 hours of continuous studies can make anyone nervous and exhausted. Online classes make it easier for the candidate as they can learn from home, watch lectures at their convenience and easily access them from anywhere. Candidates who want self-preparation also can enhance their skills and learn a lot from online classes.

There are quite similarities between Online and offline classes. Students want to learn from good teachers who can clearly explain the subjects, solve their doubts, and provide individualized attention. This is easy to achieve with online classes. Offline classes provide a physical classroom experience, some interruptions, and a more time taking process. That is why we suggest online classes over offline classes for NEET preparation.

We hope the information we provided was helpful for you to join NEET online coaching at Physics Wallah. Digital classes are ideal for candidates looking to crack the most challenging NEET examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What are the NEET online preparation tips for aspirants?

Ans. The essential tips for NEET online preparation below mentioned :

  1. Need to practice regularly
  2. Making study plans
  3. Prefer good study materials
  4. Prepare notes for self-study
  5. Solve mock tests and previous year's papers
  6. Revision daily.

Q.2. Which is better for NEET preparation, online class or offline?

Ans. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Although we must remember the current situation, online preparation would be compatible.

Q.3. Is there a need to drop 1-2 years for NEET preparation?

Ans. Yes, you can drop 1-2 years for NEET preparation, but there is a possibility to crack NEET on the first attempt.

Q.4. How much money is required for the NEET coaching?

Ans. It depends upon the course you choose.

Q.5. Is there any age limit for the NEET Examination?

Ans. The NEET examination has no upper age limit, but the aspirant should be at least 17 years old.

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