How Online Learning is Revolutionizing the Education Industry

The advent of online education has changed the entire conventional process of learning. It made the students learn anything sitting at any corner across the country. Pandemic brought coaching institutions to teach students in the online domain. This brought great flexibility to the learning process and shortened the learning gap between the students.

Since the pandemic, many online learning platforms have opened and offer various online courses from classes 6 to 12, IIT-JEE, NEET, etc. No doubt, it eases the process of learning & understanding. But, it creates chaos among students about which online platform they should consider to get the most out of it.

Online learning revolutionizing the Education Industry

Here we have discussed the benefits of online courses.

6 Great Benefits of Online Learning

  1. Learning Flexibility

Online learning provides you with excellent learning flexibility. Conventional processes are time bounded. Students must keep on schedule time to cope with the teachers and curriculum. In online learning, students and teachers can mutually set up the session according to availability.

In case you miss the class, you can easily receive the recordings of the live sessions so that you can easily cover the topics. Students do not need to travel to different places to purchase books or question banks. The learning platforms provide daily practice papers, practice sheets, and video lectures.

  1. Low learning fee

Those who can’t afford the high fees of coaching institutions can opt for online learning platforms. Many online learning platforms in India provide quality education. One of them is Physics Wallah. It is one of the most loved e-learning platforms for the preparation of IIT-JEE, NEET, and many other foundation courses.

Those looking for quality education at a very minimal price should continue their journey with Physics Wallah. For more information about the batches, read till the last paragraph.

  1. Offers different batches

E-learning platforms offer different batches according to the students. For example, if you just passed the 10 board examination and want to pursue an engineering field, then he/she can get admission into the foundation course. One who takes a drop, then one can take a dropper batch. Similarly, Physics wallah offers the different fresh and dropper batches for JEE Mains and Advance, NEET Board, etc.

  1. One-on-one doubt-solving session

Online learning platforms offer live interactive doubt sessions where students can easily connect with the subject expert faculty to ask their doubts. Students can not only interact with teachers for doubt-solving sessions but also ask their queries regarding stress, career problems, etc.

  1. Download lectures easily

One of the benefits of online learning is if you skip a lecture due to any reason, you can easily watch or download the lecture after the live class. Most e-learning platforms turn off their lecture downloading options or set the watching time limit. If you find the platform that matches all the benefits discussed above, you can continue your preparation. If not, we bring you India’s best e-learning platform Physics Wallah.

  1. Interact with experienced teaching professionals

In offline classes, students are limited to not more than one teacher. In online classes, students can explore the nerve of every teacher. Since online education started, many underrated teachers have received the respect they deserve. Their interactive and class-engaging tutorials drive students to understand the concepts much easier and funnier way. This way, students can connect the dots of the concepts and attain the maximum marks in the examination.

Why Physics Wallah is the best online learning platform

Physics Wallah is one of the leading e-learning platforms in India. It offers a blended learning solution for students. It offers live schedules of interactive lectures by the best faculty in India. Enroll students will get live/scheduled lectures, interactive doubt-solving sessions, well-structured and targeted study material, and tests regularly to analyze the students' progress. This year JEE Main topper Vansh Tyagi who secured 99.04 percentile, is from Prayas 2.0 online batch.

In a first session result of JEE Mains, more than 300 students have secured 99 percentile, and 1000+ students have secured 98 percentile. Most students are often confused about which batch they should purchase for selection. Students first have to analyze themselves. Every students has a different understanding.

Let’s say if you just entered into class 11 and want to prepare of IIT-JEE, then you should go with the complete foundation batch(11+12 class), and if you someone has been preparing for more than a year or going to take a drop, then the dropper batch is best for you.

Here we have shared some most prominent batches for the IIT-JEE & NEET preparation. You can explore.


Online education has eased the way of learning. While staying at home, students can easily address the quality of education. But in the flashy online education market, it is similar quite difficult to find which online platform will cope with your requirements. Physics Wallah is known for its quality education at a very affordable price. With the motive that anyone can learn, Physics Wallah has helped many students make their dream come true. Hope all your queries regarding online learning has resolved. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is Physics Wallah online or offline?

Ans. Physics wallah is a blended solution both online and offline. Students who want to study online can download the app or visit the official website. For offline, students can contact the centers or visit the website.

Q2. Is the Lakshya batch good for NEET?

Ans. Yes Lakshya batch is more than enough for NEET preparation. Once you enroll in the batch, you don’t have to move for any alternative.

Q3. Is Physics Wallah free of cost?

Ans. Yes, on the youtube platform, you can visit all the lectures at free of cost.

Q4. Is the Physics Wallah app free of cost?

Ans. Physics Wallah app is a free educational app for students, and it is free of cost. You have to pay only when you purchase the batch from the app.

Q5. How to join Physics Wallah online class?

Ans. Following are the steps:

  1.  Install the app
  2.  Fill in all the details and register yourself.
  3. Select the batch in which you want to enroll.
  4. Make the payment.
  5. After successful payment, you will be redirected to the batch.
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