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Join PW AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching immediately and begin your preparation from the ground up. Physics Wallah's professional lecturers devise effective ways to pass the AE & JE Mechanical Exam 2024. We offer AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching at extremely low fees. The candidate will be given the highest quality lectures, study materials, and guidance.

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AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching

Best AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching in India

Physics Wallah provides AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching with comprehensive and practical guidance to excel in these competitive exams. Our online coaching program is designed by experienced educators and subject matter experts who deeply understand the AE and JE Mechanical syllabus.

With our best AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching, you can enjoy the convenience of learning from anywhere, at any time. Our interactive online platform allows you to access the course materials, recorded lectures, and practice tests at your convenience. Our expert guidance and comprehensive study resources will empower you to tackle the challenges of AE and JE Mechanical exams confidently.

Online AE & JE Mechanical Coaching in India

Our Best AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching in India is your key to success. Our coaching program is designed specifically to cater to the needs of Indian engineering aspirants and provide them with the necessary guidance and resources to crack the exams.

We understand the unique requirements of Indian engineering exams and have targeted our curriculum accordingly. Our team of experienced faculty members, experts in their respective fields, have developed comprehensive study materials and video lectures that align with the syllabus and exam pattern of AE and JE Mechanical exams in India.

Additionally, we provide regular assessment tests to track your progress and identify improvement areas. Don't let barriers hinder your dream of becoming an AE or JE Mechanical engineer. Enroll in our AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching and unlock your potential to succeed in these prestigious exams.

AE & JE Mechanical Online Courses by PW

Our AE & JE Mechanical Online Courses offer a comprehensive and structured approach to help you prepare for the Assistant Engineer (AE) and Junior Engineer (JE) Mechanical exams.

Experienced educators and subject matter experts carefully plan our courses to ensure you grasp the fundamental concepts and develop the problem-solving skills required for these competitive exams.

The AE & JE Mechanical Online Courses, include high-quality video lectures, study materials, and practice questions that cover all the essential topics of the syllabus. Through our interactive online platform, you can utilize these resources whenever it suits you, enabling you to learn comfortably and review the concepts as frequently as necessary.

Our courses also provide regular assessments and mock tests to evaluate your progress and identify areas that require more focus. Additionally, we offer live doubt-solving sessions and discussion forums where you can interact with fellow aspirants and clarify your doubts.

AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching in Hindi

Our AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching will provide complete and adequate guidance to excel in these competitive exams.

Physics Wallah is pleased to offer AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching in Hindi, providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for Hindi medium students preparing for AE (Assistant Engineer) and JE (Junior Engineer) exams.

Our online coaching courses in Hindi are specifically designed to cater to the needs of Hindi medium students, ensuring effective learning and exam preparation. We understand the significance of clear communication and proficient comprehension of detailed concepts in mechanical engineering.

Our AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching in Hindi is invaluable, equipping students with a strong foundation in the subject and enabling them to excel in their exams.

Free AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching

PW also offers free online coaching for UPSC aspirants in Mechanical Engineering. Our AE (Assistant Engineer) and JE (Junior Engineer) Mechanical batches provide the best faculty and study material tailored to help students prepare for the UPSC exam in this discipline. Below are the top sets available for Free AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching:

  • SSC JE Mechanical

AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching Features

We offer comprehensive online coaching for the AE (Assistant Engineer) and JE (Junior Engineer) Mechanical exams. Our coaching program is designed to help aspiring engineers succeed in their examinations by providing them with the necessary knowledge, guidance, and support. Here are the key features of our AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching:

  1. Experienced Faculty: Our coaching program is conducted by highly experienced and qualified faculty members with in-depth knowledge of the subjects and extensive experience coaching students for AE & JE Mechanical exams.
  2. Live Interactive Classes: We understand the importance of interactive learning. Our online classes are conducted live, allowing students to interact with the faculty members and ask questions in real time.
  3. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage: Our coaching program covers the entire AE & JE Mechanical exams syllabus, ensuring students thoroughly understand all the topics. We follow a structured curriculum that includes all the relevant subjects and concepts.
  4. Regular Assessments and Mock Tests: To evaluate the progress of our students and help them gauge their preparation level, we conduct regular assessments and mock tests. These tests simulate the exam environment and enable students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Doubt Clearing Sessions: We understand that students may have doubts and queries while studying. Students can ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive personalized guidance from our faculty members.

Study Material by Best AE & JE Mechanical Online Coaching

We take pride in providing high-quality study material to our students. Our study material is prepared by the best AE & JE Mechanical online coaching experts and is designed to enhance students' understanding of the subjects. Here are the key highlights of our study material:

  1. Comprehensive Notes: Our study material includes comprehensive and well-structured notes that cover all the essential topics and concepts of the AE & JE Mechanical exams. These notes serve as a valuable resource for self-study and revision.
  2. Practice Questions and Solutions: To help students practice and reinforce their learning, our study material includes a wide range of practice questions. These questions are carefully selected to cover various difficulty levels and are accompanied by detailed solutions.
  3. Previous Years' Question Papers: We provide access to previous years' AE & JE Mechanical exam question papers. Solving these papers gives students a glimpse of the exam pattern and familiarizes them with the types of questions asked.
  4. Online Resources: Our study material includes online resources such as video lectures, reference materials, and additional practice questions.

AE & JE Mechanical Exam 2024

AE JE exams are highly sought-after by individuals who have completed their B.E/B. Tech or possess higher educational qualifications. We have curated a comprehensive compilation of popular AE JE exams, including relevant details such as exam dates and syllabi. This compilation is a valuable resource to inform you about the latest information regarding these exams.

  • AE & JE Exam Notification 2024

The organization conducts the AE and JE examinations annually to hire qualified individuals for managerial and technical positions across different departments. These exams are held at both the State and Central levels.

Each state announces vacancies for assistant engineer and junior engineer positions separately. It is crucial for aspiring AE and JE candidates to regularly monitor the official websites for AE & JE Exam Notification 2024 and dashboards for advertised job postings.

  • AE & JE Eligibility criteria 2024

The eligibility criteria for AE & JE positions 2024 include specific educational qualifications and age limits. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) typically releases a list of junior engineer vacancies, and these assistant engineer jobs can be found on either the state or SSC websites. Stay updated on the AE & JE Eligibility Criteria 2024.

  • AE & JE Exam Date 2024

The release of the official notification is anticipated for October 2023, with the written test expected to take place in March 2024.

  • AE & JE 2024 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for AE (Assistant Engineer) and JE (Junior Engineer) exams in 2024 may vary depending on the specific organization or state conducting the exams. However, typically these exams consist of multiple-choice questions or objective-type questions.

The exams may also include a section on general aptitude and reasoning. Applicants should consult the official notification or the conducting body's website for precise and comprehensive information regarding the AE & JE Exam Pattern 2024.

  • AE & JE Mechanical Syllabus 2024

The syllabus for the AE JE exams may differ depending on the exam conducting authority. Nevertheless, most of the syllabus for AE JE exams is similar to that of other AE and JE exams. Check the details of the AE & JE Mechanical syllabus 2024.


. What are the age requirements for JE and AE?

To be eligible for JE and AE positions, you must hold a B.E, B. Tech, M. Tech, or a relevant engineering discipline per the examination. Moreover, it is required that you fall between the ages of 21 and 30.

. What is the salary range for AE in India?

The salary range for an Assistant Engineer in India varies from ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹5.6 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹3.0 Lakhs.

. Can SSC JE be cracked in three months?

To increase your chances of success in the SSC JE EE exam, strictly follow a study plan and dedicate two hours daily to each topic. By doing so, you can cover the entire syllabus within three months.

. Is an assistant engineer classified as Group A or B?

Yes, an Assistant Engineer is classified as a Group B Gazetted Uttar Pradesh (UP) officer.
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