NDA batches are especially designed for students appearing for NDA 2022 examination. Live lectures will be provided by the best faculties of India and students will have access to recorded lectures.

SSB Mantra

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Special Discounted Price
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₹ 1999
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CDS Viraat 1.0,2024

Special Discounted Price
₹ 2199
₹ 3200
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CDS VIRAAT 1.0 (2024) + AFCAT GARUD (2024) Combo

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₹ 3999
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NDA Shaurya 1.0, 2024

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NDA Foundation

Live Lectures
DPP and DPP Solutions
Monthly Test
Mock Test
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Best Online Course for Defence

Physics Wallah had launched Defence Wallah for the preparation of various Defence examinations. Following a thorough analysis of the needs of the students, several defense batches are launched at a very low cost. This is the one-stop solution for defense examinations such as the NDA and CDS. Defence Wallah provides an online learning platform that fulfills aspirants’ dream to get a uniform job of Noble Profession Indian Armed Force. Aspirants can start preparation for defense examinations such as NDA , CDS, AFCAT etc. Aspirants can start preparation for the Defence service examination by enrolling in defense wallah. The Vision of PW is to provide quality Education at free or at the Lowest cost Possible.

Why to Choose Defence Wallah?

  1. We have produced industry- best results with 15000+ PWians qualified NDA and other examinations. 1 out of 6 students selected in the NDA examination are PWians.
  2. Delivered 4+ Lacs of academic content hours in Online and Offline classes.
  3. Our impressive live streaming technology has hosted the biggest live class in India with 127,000 students without disruption.
  4. Our flagship programs have continued to 2x. In which defense wallah has seen a surge of 3x in student enrollment.

Most Engaging Batches

Top launched courses for year 2023

Batch for NDA

  • Shaurya Batch: This batch is for students who want to appear in the 2023 NDA examination. All the classes are available on the PW app. This batch will cover mathematics, English, history, geography, politics, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, and current affairs. In case you miss the class, you can watch recorded lectures anytime, anywhere. Detailed class notes are provided in PDF format. DPPs are provided to the aspirants. Scheduled test papers are also provided. The lecture was delivered in Hinglish. The price is available at Rs 1999/-. The beginning date of this batch is September 26, 2022 and this will end on 28 February 2023.
  • Sakti Batch for NDA 2: This Sakti batch is conducted for NDA 2 Examination. The Ending date of this batch is 31 Dec 2023. This batch is conducted free of cost . Classes will be conducted on Defence wallah you Tube channel.Classes will be held all days in a week. 3 classes per day. Lecture Schedule and notes available on PW App

Batch for AFCAT

  • Prithvi for AFCAT: Prithvi Batch is Launched for AFCAT Aspirants. This is a free batch for the aspirants of AFCAT. The classes started from 26 December. This course is also available on Youtube Channel. AFCAT is the best option for the aspirants who want to serve their life to the Nation. The best Faculty of India will cover the full syllabus of the AFCAT Exam. All the classes of this Batch are conducted Live and recorded lectures are also provided. Weekly Schedule will keep updated and posted on our Defence Wallah YT channel’s community section and on the PW App.
  • Agniveer Vayu X and Y: Agniveer is one of the best career options for those who want to join and serve their life to the Nation. Agniveer is a session for 12th pass aspirants who want to join India Air Force as Airmen in technical( Vayu - X ) and Non Technical (Vayu Y). Starting Date of this batch is 26 December 2022 and the ending date is 17 January 2023. The Best facilities in India will cover the full syllabus of this examination.All classes will be live. Classes will be provided on PW App till exam. Detailed class notes provided in PDF form on PW App. In these batches 3 Mock tests were also provided. Classes for Both Vayu X and Y are conducted separately.

Batch for CDS

Vikrant 2023

Vikrant batch is launched for the CDS Aspirants. This batch is conducted for the CDS 1 Examination. This is a full foundation course. The lecture will delivered in Hinglish Medium.

Two classes are conducted from Monday to Saturday. The duration of classes are one and a half hours.

Course Highlights

  • PW Provides faculty details - PW App will also provide the faculty details and their demo videos on selecting your respective batch
  • Classroom session - All classes subject wise class schedules and Notices Will be provided in ‘classroom section’.Weekly schedules are available at their website and in PW App.
  • Study Material - DPP s with their video Solutions are available, Related lectures , Notes and DPP with there video solutions will be given in its respective subject classes..
  • Test Papers - Schedule test papers are also provided. Test papers are designed after analyzing the syllabus by the facilities
  • Announcement section - All the announcements related to the Batch or exam are available in the announcement section.
  • Video Player mode' - on PW App offers some excellent features for a great video- watching experience.
  • Live Chat - You can live chat in the live classroom on our PW APP. You can also report and write to us for any of the issues faced while watching the lecture.
  • Payment Issues - related videos are available in the Home section of PW and its website. If you face any problem in anything then you can directly contact the PW.

Benefits of the course

  • DPP and detailed video solutions will be provided for Practicing questions.
  • Detailed facilities for solving doubt by the best-in-class Live Doubt Engine.
  • Lecture planner for each subject will available on the PW app.
  • Test Planner along with practice and Mock tests also provided to the aspirants.
  • Detailed doubt clearance and concept clarity.
  • Right Guidance and MentorShip
  • Competitive environment and scope of self improvement
  • Regular practice and question paper preparation


. How many students are selected from PW?

There are more than 50% of students at PW who qualify for all the competitive examinations.

. Which batch is best for NDA-2 2023?

Sakti batch is designed specifically for NDA 2 2023. Students can enroll in this batch for free of cost. Classes for this batch are conducted on the PW YouTube channel and on the PW App, too.

. Is the NDA Shakti Batch free or paid?

This batch is completely free; you just have to click on the "Buy Now” button for your free subscription.

. How do I get lecture notes and practice sheets?

All lecture notes and practice sheets are only available on the app after the lectures have concluded. Practice sheets, solution videos, and notes will be provided on the very next day of practice sheets on the app only.
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