School Preparation

Physics Wallah live affordable classes provide state-of-the-art learning experience by top faculties who will conduct classes for students from class 6th to Class 12th with the latest syllabus. Students will be provided solutions and their doubts will be solved by faculties through the best in-class doubt engine.

FunTaskTik Camp

Live Lectures
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Gujarati NEET Crash Course

DPP and DPP Discussions
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Udaan 3.0 2024

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CDS VIRAAT 1.0 (2024) + AFCAT GARUD (2024) Combo

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School Preparation

Best Online Course For Class 6th-12th

Getting through school without joining a coaching institute is almost impossible these days. There are plenty of students in one class and one teacher cannot answer all of their questions and get them ready for college. 

However, if the student receives a type of teaching which suits his learning style and clears his every doubt, how would he like it? The teaching and the learning process should go hand in hand from the earliest school days possible. That is why Physics Wallah offers coaching classes, right from class 6th to class 12th including preparations for CUET, JEE, NEET, etc. School prep has never been easier. Let us now look at some of the school prep courses from Physics Wallah. 

Syllabus Covered 

The complete syllabus for Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12 along with preparations for exams such as CUET, JEE, NEET, etc. 

Eligibility Covered

You must be a student in classes between 6th to 12th in the CBSE Board. 

Why Join Physics Wallah To Top CBSE Exams and Other Exams?

  • PW launched 26 new YT channels in 2022, which helped us increase the total number of students on YouTube from 8.7 million to 22 million.
  • We have produced industry-best results, with 15000+ PWians qualifying in JEE, NEET, and NDA exams. 1 out of 5 students selected for JEE and 1 out of 6 chosen for both the NEET and NDA exams were PWians.
  • Our flagship programs, JEE and NEET, have continued to grow 2x. At the same time, Foundation and Defense Wallah have seen a surge of 3x in student enrollment.
  • Physics Wallah has to build a separate platform named Sarthi only to solve students' doubts. More than 50 million questions have been answered, with an 81% satisfaction rate. 
  • PW is delivering magnificent results. Last year, one in every five students was chosen for the JEE exam, and one in every six was chosen for the NEET exam. 

Most Engaging Batches For School Preparation

Board Booster 12th 2023

This batch will cover the Class 12th syllabus of all the subjects required such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English. Even if you miss a class, you will be provided with recorded video lectures, notes, and daily practice problems with video solutions. The Board Booster 12th 2023 course will be available until your board exams in 2023. 

Arjuna JEE 2023

This course will look into the complete class 11th syllabus and also help you with future examinations such as JEE and JEE Advance. The classes are conducted live but they are also available in recorded form. DPPs are provided after each class to test your learnings from the class.

Course Highlights

  • Live and Recorded Classes: As a student, it is easier to study from a live class. Physics Wallah school prep classes offer live classes along with their recordings so that you can study from them anytime you want. 
  • Daily Practice Problems: With PW classes, you will be provided with DPPs after each lecture to test what you just learned which will help you remember the concept for a longer duration. 
  • Doubt Sessions: You will never be left with doubts uncleared as there will be separate doubt-clearing sessions conducted frequently. 
  • Study Material: Notes and other required materials will be provided for you to refer to while studying the concepts the next time. 
  • Test Series: To regularly sharpen your skills, you will be provided with test series which will test your knowledge from time to time. 

Benefits of the Course

  • The first benefit that you receive from joining PW courses is the availability of the best teachers across the country. 
  • The teachers are well-versed with the CBSE syllabus and teach in a way that suits students as per their age group. 
  • Daily practice problems will be provided after every lecture. 
  • Notes and other required materials will be provided as per what is taught and the CBSE syllabus. 
  • Test series is another benefit that will help you test your knowledge. 
  • These courses not just help with school exams and CBSE board exams but also with competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, CUET, etc. 


. How much do these school prep courses at PW cost?

The cost of the courses differs from one another. However, many courses are provided for free with the same effective teaching techniques.

. Are these classes available anywhere to study later?

Yes, you can look for the recorded classes on the PW app.

. Are the Physics Wallah courses helpful for all classes?

Yes, the courses at PW are built separately for different classes and each helps to study in that respective classes and competitive exams ahead.

. How can students clear their doubts?

Separate doubt clearing sessions are held for this sole purpose frequently.

. Is the fee charged on a monthly or a yearly basis?

The fee is charged on a yearly basis.
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