Can The Preparation CUET and Boards Go Hand in Hand

This one question occupies the minds of many 12th graders and pre-university students during their months of study and preparation. That is, can the CUET preparation and Board exam preparation go hand in hand? The fact that both the CUET test and board examinations use the same material and have the same syllabus is the key to understanding this subject.

You will thus already be somewhat prepared for the CUET exam if you are studying for board examinations. Additionally, your board examinations will be considerably simpler for you if you are studying for the CUET exam. Practice is the most important component of these exam preparations.

This article will discuss how to prepare for both the board exams and the CUET exam and whether they may be cracked simultaneously.

Can The Preparation CUET and Boards Go Hand in Hand


So, what exactly is the CUET exam? It is an all India exam that is taken after the high school or pre university level- Common University Entrance Test. You can take this test to get admitted to several undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programs at India's 45 Central Universities. This test is computer-based, and the format of the question paper differs for undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs. Additionally, this exam has a negative marking scheme. Every incorrect response will result in a 0.25 point deduction.

The board exam is a very crucial test in every student's academic career. They plot out each student's future on a graph. However, as a result of the predictable and straightforward questions that are posed, the boards are said to be simpler than the CUET. The two examinations have the same syllabus as well. Here is where the major question now appears. Can you prepare for both the CUET and your boards at the same time? Can the preparation of CUET and boards go hand in hand?

Can the preparation of CUET and boards go hand in hand?

To be honest, it will be a challenging assignment. If you were a genius, it would be relatively easier for you, but not everyone is always at that high of a level. Though it will be particularly hard, it is not impossibly difficult. It is achievable no matter who you are or how well you perform in school.

In its official notice, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has set the Common Universities Entrance Test - CUET 2023 syllabus. Exam takers are required to study every topic from the assigned NCERT textbooks. The CUET 2023, will be entirely based on the Class 12 curriculum, according to M. Jagadesh Kumar, chairman of the University Grand Commission (UGC). Hence, the syllabus for CUET and board exams is the same.

  • Make a timetable for CUET and board exams-

To achieve this much, setting a timeline is the most important method. This straightforward schedule might not seem like much, but if you create one for yourself, we promise it will keep you disciplined and on task. You can move forward as long as you have that. You must schedule up time exclusively for preparing for your board exam and the CUET.

Make a note of all of your obligations and responsibilities including your classes, subjects to study, the duration you want to give for each subject and extracurriculars, before creating a study schedule. After that, utilize the list to determine when you may study. Plan 5-6 hour study sessions throughout the periods you have available once you are aware of them. Creating a time table for CUET and boards is the first step.

You might prepare for the CUET the following day after finishing your board preparation on the previous day. Studying the board topics that are from a higher level than boards is another effective strategy to get ready for both the exams at the same time, because you will be asked questions of that nature on the CUET. As a result, you will be honing your skills and getting ready for both the exams in this manner. The only person who can provide you a suitable schedule is you since only you are aware of your potential.

  • Keep calm and set a goal-

The first few days may be really hard, which will make you a little less motivated because it will wear you out greatly. There will be numerous times when you'll want to give up. I mean, it's not even close to being on the easy side to be preparing for two important examinations at once. It all boils down to how you develop your mental fortitude. In such situations, remember to always keep calm and not let the worry get to your head.

Make a target for yourself. Be sure to set a realistic goal. No matter how little your aim is, make one anyhow. Every time you feel like giving up, be sure to remember your aim. You'll be inspired by it for sure. Your chances of succeeding at both the board exam and CUET exam will rise when you carefully consider your goals ACto make sure each one is actually reachable. Maximizing your time and resources and maintaining your motivation are achieved by setting realistic goals

  • Take constant breaks-

It's important to remember to take pauses occasionally because if you study nonstop, you'll become lethargic and no matter how much you read, it won't stick in your brain. You won't have much time for relaxation as you're preparing for two of the most significant tests of your life. Here is where your schedule will come in handy. If you follow it, you should have no trouble finding the time needed to give your body the rest it needs.

It is not an easy undertaking to study for two tests at once; it is really challenging. The student's mental and physical health are put under a lot of strain. For the student's health, breaks are important because of this. And one can only accomplish their objective when they are healthy.

The Takeaway

Hence, you can undoubtedly study for both your boards and the CUET at the same time. All you need to do is be persistent and have a little bit of devotion and dedication. Time management is another skill that you will need to master. You will benefit in the long term if you practice discipline.

As far as you can, avoid distractions during this time. Games and entertainment can be put on hold at this crucial period. Just keep in mind that you can accomplish your goals, no matter how challenging they may appear to you. The only person who can stop you is you. Boost your mental fortitude, and you can definitely succeed in board exams and the CUET exam! All the best and may you pass the boards and CUET with flying colors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can the preparation of CUET and boards go hand in hand?

Ans. Yes! Provided the right amount of hard work and dedication is given, it most definitely can go hand in hand.

Q2. Is the CUET syllabus and Board exam syllabus the same?

Ans. Yes, the CUET syllabus is based on the Class 12 curriculum, hence it is the same.

Q3. Is CUET easier than the board exam?

Ans. The board exams are usually said to be easier than the CUET by the students. But it depends on the level of dedication put in by each student.

Q4. Can an average student crack CUET?

Ans. Yes, if a student is willing to study diligently and consistently in the remaining period, he or she can pass CUET 2023.

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