Online vs Offline: CLAT exam preparation

Twenty-two National Law Universities in India accept applicants through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), a centralized national entrance exam. These scores are also used for admission to the majority of privately and independently funded law schools in India.

For admission to integrated undergraduate degree in law (BA LLB) programs and following graduation in law for Master of Laws (LL.M) programs provided by these law schools, the test is taken after the Higher Secondary Examination or the 12th grade. 


The changing approaches have increased students' fears and concerns about choosing the traditional teaching style or advanced online teaching. Candidates should be informed of the best preparation approach for the CLAT exam as they prepare for it. Because the methods used by applicants to prepare for the CLAT 2023 exam vary, it is strongly encouraged that they select the study method that is most comfortable for them. By reading this blog you would make a wise decision, by choosing a suitable approach for studying.


The most frequent query that each applicant seeks to comprehend is "How to Prepare for CLAT." Applicants should begin their CLAT preparation as soon as possible to ensure that they are fully prepared for the upcoming exam. Remember that commitment, effort, and dedication should be the major components of your CLAT preparation.

According to the expert view, starting CLAT preparation early will provide the applicant with an advantage over the competition. The greatest strategies for individuals aiming to earn a law degree from one of India's top NLUs (National Law Universities) can be done through proper CLAT preparation.

Online Preparation

There are thousands of materials available on the internet in this era of information technology. Trying to figure out which is best for you is a challenge. There are numerous websites that provide you with a selection of the greatest and most useful study tools, covering every part of your preparation.

There is no chance of leaving any topic unaddressed in CLAT UG Online Coaching because the study resources are thoroughly explained and clarified.

The following are some advantages of studying for the CLAT examination online:

  • Concept Building

You can begin your preparation from starting and advance gradually by taking advantage of the CLAT UG Online Classes because they provide you with a step-by-step method for doing so. 

These CLAT video classes are designed to help you solidify your understanding of the material so that you can use it to solve problems.

  • Individual Attention

It's crucial to have regular supervision while studying for any exam. The instructors at the CLAT UG Online Classes provide each student with their undivided attention to ensure that there is no room for error. The pupils perform better overall and are more confident when they receive individualized attention.

  • Remote Study

Through e-learning, aspirants from the most remote regions can now receive access to good education and communicate with top teachers in India for admission exam preparation. You don't have to migrate to that huge city to be coached. Online lessons follow the mantra "anywhere, at any time."

  • Save energy, money, and time.

It is very time-efficient to take CLAT classes online. It costs a lot of money, time, and effort to attend physical education classes. You can attend online classes at your convenience from the comfort of your home. It also saves a significant amount of money. 

Additionally, the energy spent on traveling and returning is saved and could be better utilized for online learning.

  • Outstanding Study Resources

The right study material is essential for getting ready for any exam. Online CLAT UG lessons offer a variety of possibilities and a wealth of study material that is not available in traditional classes. You will gain a lot from using these to better grasp the subjects.

We provide you with the highest quality materials compiled on one platform, drawn from great study notes, in-depth testing exams, elaborative and descriptive seminars, and constant monitoring of the experts.

  • Interactive tests and quizzes

Along with thorough explanations of the complete curriculum, CLAT UG Online Coaching will also give you entertaining and interactive quizzes that will aid in your daily preparation and lessen the likelihood that you will make mistakes. The quizzes in the CLAT Online Classes are crucial for raising your marks since they show you where your preparation is lacking.

  • Taking mock exams

You can practice and enhance your performance with the CLAT Online Course. You can improve your speed and accuracy to maximize your attempts and gain an advantage over your rivals by taking these examinations frequently in CLAT UG Online Classes.

The practice exams in the CLAT UG online course thoroughly evaluate your knowledge and increase your exam readiness.

  • Analysis of each mock test via video

Just attempting mock tests would not be helpful until you analyze them properly. CLAT Online coaching would provide recorded videos for respective mock tests, and those will be helpful for analyzing your performance.

  • Doubt-clearing sessions

You can communicate with subject matter experts through video classes for CLAT UG and obtain answers to all the issues you have trouble understanding, so your doubts won't compound. Your doubts will be allayed by the simple tips and tricks provided by professionals. Get your questions answered by facilitating yourself with the top online coaching for the CLAT UG exam.

The following are some disadvantages of studying for the CLAT examination online:

  • Negligence and diversions

There will be many diversions if you do not study in a class environment. At some point in time, you may lose interest in attending classes and lose motivation, and self-discipline. So, in order to avoid them one has to be determined and work towards cracking the CLAT exam.

  • Health issues

Prolonged screen usage has been linked to worsening eyesight difficulties and frequent headaches. Furthermore, anxiety and sadness are on the rise as a result of home confinement, as are sleep disorders. So, you won’t be able to concentrate on the examination.

  • Poor conditions for learning

There aren't many disadvantages to online CLAT  preparation, to be honest. There will be disruption from the families and a poor learning environment because it won't be like a college.

  • Minimal interaction

Another disadvantage of CLAT online preparations is that applicants cannot freely connect with teachers to get their questions answered.

Offline Preparation

Learning in offline sessions, that is, enrolling in the best CLAT coaching facilities, is frequently regarded to make things easier to understand. Live interaction between students and teachers promotes learning in offline CLAT coaching programs.

Any type of doubt can be quickly addressed if the teacher and student talk in person rather than remotely. As a result, students who attend offline sessions receive more efficient and timely responses to their questions than those who attend online lectures.

Students try to excel in a competitive environment created by traditional offline classes. In offline CLAT classes, there is competition among the applicants who sit in the same classroom together.

The following are some advantages of studying for the CLAT offline:

  • Real Interaction with the faculty and after classes, access to a variety of faculties 

You can meet in person with your teacher to discuss your problems and doubts. Teachers may keep an eye on you, guide you, and provide you with adult advice. Many teachers will answer your questions, offer advice, and help you with your problems.

  • You can interact physically with your peers

You can physically interact with your peers. Students who are positively impacted by their peers are more likely to care about their studies and put forth the effort required.

  • Study Area with Effective Library

A study place should provide enough learning space for pupils to complete their assignments. Many students benefit from studying at the library, especially if their only other alternative is to study in a noisy house or residence hall. Hence, students will be able to concentrate more and prepare well for the CLAT exam.

  • Instantaneous and Personal Doubt Clearing

Students build critical thinking skills by developing the habit of asking and answering questions. Their cognitive abilities grow, and they gain proficiency in scientific analysis. They get better at absorbing, processing, applying, and analyzing information. This doubt-clearing can be done faster in an offline class. 

  • Time Management Skills

Students will be able to concentrate in class and will be free of distractions such as mobile phones, allowing them to make the most of their time.

  • Offline Collaborative Learning and Mock Exercises

You must take the mock exams in the classroom, which are very similar to the official CLAT exam, but you learn to perform under pressure because you cannot pause this test like you can with an online test.

The following are some disadvantages of studying for the CLAT examination offline

  • Large batch sizes would result in a lack of individualized attention

Learning can take place only when the individual's energies are focused in one direction and the student's attention is focused on the current task. Individual attention helps the learner focus and sustain attention, making classroom time more productive.

  • Travelling and miscellaneous costs

Traveling daily not only consumes valuable time that could be spent on self-study, but it also has a severe impact on your physical health. You are fatigued by the end of the day, and concentrating on your studies after returning home becomes tough because locating a close CLAT tutoring center is challenging.

  • Missing classes would be problematic

Because there is no method to record classes, missing one always counts as being absent. Only local children will mostly participate in CLAT offline coaching, regularly. Even if you are sick or have an emergency, you cannot make up a missed lesson.


Expert CLAT coaching, whether online or offline, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Students must pick whether they want to learn online or offline. As they prepare for the CLAT exam, candidates should be informed of the best preparation technique for them. Because the way applicants prepare for the CLAT 2023 exam varies, it is strongly advised to choose the study approach that is most convenient for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Without Coaching, How to Prepare for CLAT?

Ans. If you don't want to take coaching, self-study is the best way to get ready for the CLAT exam. To know the important topics for the CLAT, first, comprehend the exam format and curriculum. Spend a lot of time practicing the questions from last year and mark your progress. You can prepare for CLAT without coaching with the aid of this.

Q2. What is the CLAT age restriction?

Ans. Candidates for the CLAT Undergraduate must have received their Class 12 diploma or the equivalent from a recognized board. To get accepted, applicants must achieve a score of 45%. There is no maximum age for CLAT applications. 

Candidates are permitted to take the CLAT as often as they like. There is currently no restriction on taking the exam, however, applicants must meet the minimum qualifying standards.

Q3. What format will CLAT 2023 be held in?

Ans. Pen and paper will be used for CLAT 2023.

Q4. What is the cost to register for the CLAT exam?

Ans. The cost to register for the CLAT exam would be Rs. 4000 for the general/OBC/PwD/NRI/PIO/OCI category and Rs. 3500 for the SC/ST/BPL category.

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