Students aspiring for KCET to get enrolled in various disciplines of Engineering, Pharmacy & other courses offered by the different colleges of Karnataka should know the complete syllabus so as to crack the entrance exam. KCET syllabus 2020 is one of the key components of the exam that plays a vital role in deciding your admission other than your performance. Since vague study without knowing the syllabus can get you nowhere with the exam. Therefore Students are advised to read the complete article specifying the KCET syllabus 2020 to take full advantage of and have an edge over their competitors. Students are recommended to stay connected to this page till they get Admission as we’ll be providing them latest news regarding the exam and other aspects associated with it.


To crack the KCET 2020 exam, candidates should prepare as per the curriculum prescribed for the 1st year PUC and 2nd year PUC. Here are some of the key topics they need to prepare according to the syllabus of KCET:

Physics: Electrostatics, Modern physics, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Heat and thermodynamics, Current electricity, Electromagnetic induction, Solids and semiconductor devices, Physics of nucleus, Wave motion, Alternating current, Heat and chemical effects, Electromagnetic waves, Fluids etc.

Chemistry: Carboxylic acids and its derivatives, Aldehydes, Ketones, Alcohol, phenol, Alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes , Chemical equilibrium, Biomolecules, Principles and processes of extraction, Redox reaction, General organic chemistry, Ionic equilibrium, Chemical kinetics , Chemical bonding, Periodic classification of elements, P-block elements, Co-ordination compound, Transition elements, Surface chemistry, etc.

Mathematics: Sets, relation, and functions, Probability, Vectors, 3-D geometry, Matrices determinants, Limits, Indefinite integration, Complex numbers, Definite integration, Theory of equation, Permutation and combination, Binomial theorem, Continuity and differentiation, Sequence and series, Trigonometric ratio, etc.

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