What are the abnormal components of urine?

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Abnormal components of urine

Composition of Urine

i) Normal human urine

About 95% of urine consists of H2O. Organic substances include urea, creatinine, ammonia, uric acid, hippuric acid, oxalic acid, amino acids, vitamins, hormones and enzymes. Inorganic substances include chlorides, phosphates, sulphates, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, arsenic and lead.

It is transparent, pale yellow slightly acidic (pH = 6.8) fluid with specific gravity of 1.015 – 1.02. The pale yellow colour is due to the urochrome pigment which is the byproduct of haemoglobin breakdown. On standing, urine becomes cloudy and acquires ammonical odour due to the bacterial degradation of urea and ammonium carbonate.Visit Biology Doubts page of Physics Wallah for more questions. 

ii) Abnormal human urine


Presence of blood or blood cells in the urine


Presence of glucose in urine


Presence of ketone bodies (acetates, aceto acetic ester and b-OH butyric acid) in urine


Presence of excess urea in blood


Presence of pus in the urine


Presence of haemoglobin in urine

What are the abnormal components of urine? pdf

What are the abnormal components of urine?

What are the abnormal components of urine?

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