How To Prepare For CA Exam 2023: Ultimate Preparation Tips

Chartered accountant (CA) profession involves an entity which is related to management of finances. It also includes other responsibilities like taxation, budgeting, business strategy, managing financial accounts and auditing. The CA has passed multiple exams in various aspects of accounting and has done a lot of in-depth training for years in order to take chartered accountant as a profession.

The CA exam is conducted by the Institution of Charted Accountants of India (ICAI). A candidate must qualify all the levels of ICAI examinations to qualify as chartered accountant. To pass this exam with flying colors students must plan it accordingly with all essential materials and tips.

How To Prepare For CA Exam 2023: Ultimate Preparation Tips

Tips to Prepare for CA Exam 2023

  1. Start early

Do preparation for the CPT exam and set good marks goals for them because their marks target the IPCC. A student can be eligible for CPT exam after passing the 10th standard from a government or central government body. When students perform well in their CPT then they will be motivated and confident about their other level of exams in CA. This leads them to achieve successful results in IPCC.

Most of the students neglect their studies and then start when their exams are nearby. This approach is common in students, but this is not the right way to prepare for the most crucial exam. Students must start their preparation in advance. When the academic year starts, they should start their preparation otherwise it will cost them later.

Aspirants should make a plan according to their preparation and try to follow that. Everyone makes a routine to implement in their day-to-day life and study accordingly.

  1. Make a timetable

When a student starts with their preparation then they first need to make a proper study plan or timetable for their preparation.

Make plans in such a way that you give equal time in each subject. Allot time for everything and try to complete that work in given time.

Give more time to your gray areas to overcome all of them.

Allow equal time to all the subjects and give more time on weekends to complete more syllabus. Do not schedule so many things in the timetable to make it more hectic.

  1. Choose best institutions for CA coaching and study material

Foundations on which success depends are hard work and mentoring or proper guidance. Choosing which institution is right for CA preparation is a crucial step as the overall success depends upon that.

Working hard and making the best out of all efforts lies in the hands of students. When it comes to choosing a CA coaching Institute, it has become difficult to select one among others as most of the institutions boast good results, so it becomes difficult for students to recognize what is right for them.

If a student wants to know the suitable Institute for themselves then he or she must know about this by researching results of last year's CA examination of institutions. CA aspirants must select those institutions which make good results. As the right guidance and coaching makes the real difference in passing the CA examination.

  1. Take small breaks

Doing CA exam preparation is vast. A student cannot do that in one go. Give equal time to each part and complete all the portions by taking small breaks. Small breaks help to boost your efforts.

Set daily or weekly targets for yourself to achieve it. Put more effort on weekends to cover a little extra.

  1. Complete knowledge regarding syllabus and exam pattern

Try to divide the whole syllabus into three sections A, B and C. The A section will cover 30% of the entire syllabus but the important point is that 70% of questions are put up in the CA exam from this section only. The section C will cover the 50% syllabus but only 20% of questions come from this section. Apart from these two sections, section B is there which covers the remaining parts.

Students have gone through all the CA exam syllabus and pattern carefully, once he or she started with their CA preparation.

Prepare a list of all the topics for which you feel confident and less confident separately. Make study plans in that manner to give more time to tough topics as compared to easier ones.

Aspirants make sure that they will choose the right CA exam books for their preparation.

  1. Stay away from negative mindset people

Do not share or discuss things which are related to the CA exam with those persons who have a negative attitude towards this exam or failed in the CA exam, as there will be no point in discussing things with them.

An aspirant should understand that these people cleared examinations only if they received the right guidance and did proper hard work.

  1. Stay focused

This is a very important thing while studying. There are a lot of students who get distracted for so many reasons.

Stay away from social media and avoid using electronic gadgets while preparing. Do not use mobile phones to stay on social media or chatting, make it a use for study purposes. Avoid maintaining social life while preparing.

Check previous year question papers, take up online tests as much as you can. Believe in yourself to achieve the desired target.

  1. Hoping for the positive results

Focus on the main aim - to pass the CA examination, instead of thinking upon facilities. Every aspirant's main goal is to pass the examination with a positive mindset.


To clear the CA exam 2023 is not an easy task, as it is one of the most difficult exams. To clear this exam, CA aspirants must make study plans. Study according to exam pattern and syllabus. Believing in themselves and studying with a positive mindset while ignoring all negative attitude people and thoughts. Avoid using electronic gadgets while studying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can a person do preparation for CA on their own?

Ans. Most people believe that they will clear the CA exam without coaching. In fact, this is true, that an aspirant can clear but only when he or she dedicates themselves fully.

Q2. How many years are required to prepare for the CA final?

Ans. Approximately 2 or 2.5 years are required to prepare for CA final. Prepare for both the groups, not only 1 and 2 only but prepare for both.

Q3. Why do most people fail in CA final exams?

Ans. Lack of proper planning is the major reason why students fail in exams. Shortlisting important topics, wrongful interpretation of questions, analyzing and understanding study material, shortlisting the important topics and many more are reasons for exam failure.

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