SSB Interview Joining Instructions for All SSB Aspirants

The service selection board (SSB) is an organization that evaluates the candidates for becoming officers in the Indian armed forces. SSB aspirants need to follow a few stages to get the job. The interview process is structured to test a candidate's decision-making ability, leadership qualities, communication skills, and overall personality. The tests are designed to push candidates beyond their limits and assess their response to high-pressure situations.

SSB Interview Joining Instructions

Joining instructions for SSB interviews

The SSB interview procedure conducts multiple tests in multiple phases for the aspiring candidates. The process includes, on day one, a screening test. On day two, a psychology test in two stages. On days three and four, group tests are conducted by the group test officer (GTO) stage three. The final result is out on day five, and an assessment (conference) is held. The candidates must focus on their best part to overcome shortcomings and succeed in SSB interviews.


The testing phase is the main phase for the candidates. There are four tests in all.

  • Screening Test: The screening test deals mainly with verbal and non-verbal tests. A picture is shown to you, and you have to see it for nearly 30 seconds and then memorize the words shown and write a maximum number of words as many as possible (approximately seventy-four words). You have to write about the picture, and then the next day, you have to read the description loudly for 1 minute.
  • Psychology Test: Then, on the next day, there is a psychology test, in which you will get a picture like the screening test. But you will have four minutes to recognize the picture, and again you will have to write a story about the picture. There will be twelve pictures in all. The last slide will always be blank. You must describe the picture from the previous slide, as it helps increase your thinking capacity.
  • Association Test: The next test will be a word association test. The candidates will be shown 60 words in sequence for 15 seconds. They will have to write anything that comes to their mind regarding the word.
  • Situation Reaction Test: Other tests on day 2 are the situation reaction test. A booklet is given, and you will have to write responses regarding the brochure in under 30 minutes. The self-description test asks questions about your parents, teachers, friends, and their perception.
  • Group Discussions & Tasks: On days 3 and 4, a group test is organized by the group test officer. There are tasks like group discussion, planning exercises, progressive group tasks, small group tasks, and small individual tasks. There will be a personal discussion for you where you will be asked questions according to the questionnaire filled out by the candidate on day one and other defense-related knowledge.

On day 5, the final result will be announced. The officers, along with you, will interview you in uniform. The officers will judge you for a positive attitude, adversity, and confidence, so you should try to be well-prepared and not panic.

Following the final result, the selected candidates will reside, and there will be an intensive medical examination for the candidates in the military hospital after nearly four to five days.


The documents required at the time of reporting for:

  • Candidates with proper mark sheets.
  • Proof of identity includes a pan card, voter card, driver's license, or UPSC admit card.
  • Two photostat copies of the mark sheet attested by the gazette officer.
  • Original certificates supporting your achievements in NCC sports games or any co-curricular activities.
  • Candidates applying online have to bring their printouts of the online application while reporting for SSB.
  • Candidates falling under different categories must bring certain documents as per the guidelines provided by the SSB. Candidates studying in their final year or who have appeared for their final exams and are waiting for their results must bring a bonafide certificate. 
  • Similarly, candidates who have submitted their certificates and mark sheets for pursuing higher studies must bring a bonafide certificate along with a true certified copy of those documents. 
  • Pre-final year students of the University Entry Scheme (Pre-Final Year) Course must bring a certificate. 
  • NDA and TES candidates must bring a Risk Certificate. Service candidates will only be entertained for their SSB interview if they report on the movement order issued by their respective unit.

Candidates with Mark Sheet issue

Candidates who applied for the SSB and whose results are not out still need to bring their bonafide as per their specimen. This is also applicable to those studying in their final year. Candidates who submit their mark sheets and certificates in colleges must also bring their bonafide certificate and certificate of a true copy of documents as specified.


You must bring thirty copies of passport-size photographs during the interview process for SSB recruitment. Each test requires a lot of proof from the candidate. Thus, aspirants should bring 30 copies of photographs as the proper record of the candidates is hardcopy. Photos help in the verification of the candidate during the tests. It will also be used as the final copy after the candidate has passed the examination.

Dress code

You will have to wear shirts, trousers, and shoes while moving out of the area of living. You also need to wear the applicable dress for all the tests, as it plays a part during the test performances. As part of the prescribed dress code for SSB interviews, candidates must bring three shirts in light shades and three pairs of trousers. 

Additionally, they should bring suitable sportswear for the Group Testing Officer (GTO) activities, comprising a white T-shirt, white trousers, white lower, white shoes, and white socks. Candidates must ensure their attire maintenance is on point and in good condition. The dress code is a crucial aspect of the interview process. Candidates should adhere to the prescribed guidelines to make a positive first impression.

Accommodation & Mess System

You will get complimentary accommodation at the Selection Centre, including bedding, quilts (depending on the prevailing weather conditions), and mosquito nets. Additionally, you will receive free meals during your stay. However, it is essential to note that you will not receive complimentary lunch on your arrival/reporting day.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Be respectful with staff contacting you
  • Be punctual
  • Do not try to approach any staff member or ask them for any favor regarding your tests.
  • Do not tip any staff
  • Do not smoke or consume any form of liquor
  • Do not offer money as a bribe to any officer

Try to be confident while performing these tasks. You will have to face many difficult situations and make decisions instantly, but remember this decision-making will pave the path for the position of SSB. If you follow these instructions, the process will be more straightforward for you to target ssb interviews. 

You will notice that these instructions will help you immensely as you perform the tests. The tests are the field where you should remain calm and make decisions. Try to focus and concentrate your mind and do the work, as these are mind games.

Once you clear the test, your medical examination will be challenging as they will check your whole body and try to find every minute detail of your body. If you aren’t healthy, you cannot pass the medical examination. So it's best to focus on your diet and exercise to maintain your health as well.


The SSB interview process is highly competitive, with a large number of candidates vying for a limited number of vacancies. This means the competition is intense, and candidates must perform their best to stand out during selection. The interviews are challenging due to the demanding selection process, high competition, and rigorous testing of a candidate's abilities and personality. Successful candidates are those who prepare well with confidence and can perform to the best of their abilities under pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Will you get compensation if you injure yourself during the tests?

Ans. No, there is no compensation regarding injuries during the physical test. The tests have a contract, and they are not responsible if you injure yourself during any physical activity.

Q2. How to join SSB?

Ans. Firstly, you must apply to the Indian armed forces to join SSB. The SSB has some stages of attainment. Once you clear the UPSC examination, you can join the SSB organization. And then, there will be many tests that will be difficult, but once you clear those tests, you can join the SSB.

Q3. How to clear the tests?

Ans. If you want to clear the tests, you must practice your mind, as the tests are mainly mental, and the officers try to see your mental strength. You will have to focus on making decisions instantly. To try these, follow the instructions mentioned above. And focus on the first test as if you clear that test, you will also have the confidence to clear the others.

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