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Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers

To pass exams with a good score, students study all year round, refer to and study from various sources, but often miss one of the most important steps to include in exam preparation, going through the last years. This proved to be one of the most crucial steps after a careful analysis of the research results by experts. Students can also solve the Bihar whiteboard mockup paper for more practice.

A recent study found that students on the Bihar Board, who solved last year's problems before coming for the actual exams, performed better on the exams, compared to those who didn't solve and practice. So, to help you get good grades on the 10th Bihar Board exam, we offer the Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers.

Why Physics Wallah is best for previous year class 10 papers for Bihar board?

We at Physics Wallah provide past 10-year questionnaires for class 10 for students to practice. Students can download it from our website. Students can familiarize themselves with the exam model and assessment schedule by practicing with last year's papers.

Practicing the questionnaire over the past ten years will give them a sense of the different questions that can be framed in their exam, giving them confidence. All papers consist of Bihar board class 10 syllabus questions, and students are advised to solve them at least one month before the exam to get good grades.

Benefits of solving previous year class 10 papers of Bihar board

  1. Helps to understand the paper pattern and evaluation scheme of the study.
  2. When you continuously solve Previous Papers Class 10 Maths, Science, Social, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit, you can identify the places
  3. Where you spend more time solving the question. This, in turn, helps you work on your time management skills and further helps you improve the same.
  4. By solving last year's problems, you can build the solution strategy that learns a section that takes more time and a section that takes less time in practice. Therefore, by understanding the structure of the question sheet, candidates can develop a good strategy for solving the question sheet on time.
  5. Helps to understand exam trends carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to solve Bihar class 10 previous year papers?

Ans. Here are some tips for paper solving:

  1. Students should only solve their assignments after studying and acquiring knowledge of the chapters discussed.
  2. Solve these papers in an ideal scenario for the exam room, within the set time frame as indicated in the questionnaires.
  3. Try those questions you are sure of.
  4. The questions you need to think about come back and try them towards the end.
  5. Don't leave any questions blank. Try to remember the concepts and respond accordingly.
  6. Practice and work on those questions that take your time.
  7. Write down the points you think need further trying and work on them.
  8. Check your answers in your class notebook or textbook.

Q2. How to Solve Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper?

Ans. By following these steps you can easily solve Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year's Question Papers.

  1. Download the PDF of last year's Class 10 Bihar document you want to bring.
  2. Seriously try last year's Papers just like you would the actual exam.
  3. Evaluate your paper and know your mistakes - mark questions that you have not been able to answer or are incorrect.
  4. Review related concepts and topics.

Q3. Can I download Bihar last year's class 10 papers for free?

Ans. Yes, you can download all questionnaires from the last ten years from various ed-tech portals such as Physics Wallah. Some may cost you a minimal amount, but Physics Wallah doesn't charge you a cent. The materials offered by Physics Wallah are of high quality and free. You can download it at any time.

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