Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, Amended 1991

Forests Our Lifeline of Class 7

  • The act restricts and prohibits hunting of animals.
  • Protection of certain plants from excessive exploitation.
  • Setting up and managing  national parks and sanctuaries.
  • Setting up an managing zoological gardens.
  • Creation of a zoo authority for controlling zoos and captive breeding.
  • Control trade in wildlife, wildlife products and trophies (preserved components of hunted animals).
  • Encouraging and assisting the formation of wildlife societies.

National Forest Policy (1988) :

It aims at increasing the forest cover of the country both in plains and hills so that the optimum of 33% forest cover is achieved. Other aims are

  • Maintenance of environmental stability through preservation and restoration of ecological balance.
  • Check of soil erosion and denudation of catchment areas.
  • Checking on spread of sand dunes.
  • Increase in forest tree cover through massive afforestation and social forestry programmes.
  • Steps to create massive people’s movement for afforestation, management and protection of forests. Already about 14.25 million hectares of degraded forests are being restored, managed and protected by 63,000 Joint forest Management Committees.
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