Advantages and Disadvantages of friction

Friction of Class 8

Advantages and Disadvantages of friction


  • Walking is possible due to friction.
  • Two body sticks together due to friction.

Advantages and disadvantages of friction

  •  Brake works on the basis of friction.
  • Writing is not possible without friction.
  • The transfer of motion from one part of a machine to other part through belts is possible by friction.


  • Friction always opposes the relative motion between any two bodies in contact. Therefore extra energy has to be spent in overcoming friction. This reduces the efficiency of machine.
  • Friction causes wear and tear of the parts of machinery in contact. Thus their lifetime reduces.
  • Frictional force result in the production of heat, which causes damage to the machinery.


The force of friction due to air and water (and other fluid) is called fluid friction.

When cars and airplanes move at very high speeds, their motion is opposed by friction offered by the air molecules surrounding them. The friction of air opposes the motion of the vehicle.


Friction can be increased by making the surface rough and by increasing the mass of the object that is moving.

  •  On a rainy day, we throw some sand on the slippery ground. This increases friction between our feet and the ground. This reduces the chances of slipping.
  • Sand is also spread on tracks covered with snow. Force of friction between the wheels and the track increases and driving becomes safer.

Advantages and disadvantages of friction

Advantages and disadvantages of friction

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