Method Of Transfer Of Heat

Heat and Temperature of Class 7

Types of Heat Transfer

It’s a achivment of human being to managing temperature in those areas where human are not able to survive easily . We can see that in any building in these areas always involves controlling heat transfer by the electric appliance or other methods. Transfer of thermal energy through hotter body to cooler one is known as heat transfer. If we have a building in cooler place and there is a difference in temperature across a given area means temperature is different in and outside the building. Heat naturally flows from warm areas to colder area or colder place to hotter place. Regardless of direction colder area or colder place to hotter placeit seeks a balance until the temperature is the same across the whole area. In hot climate area the high heat transfer from each and every wall especially from roof.These high heat from roofs and other walls travels from outside to inside the room and we feel hot inside the room. Similarly in winter this reverse proses colder to hotter takes place.

mode of energy transfer

There are three different ways the heat can transfer from one body to another these three ways are known as conduction, convection or radiation. We will study these three ways separately as


If heat is transfer with the help of gas, liquid or solid these type of heat transfer is categories as conduction. Physical contact is required for conduction. We known that every body contain atom and due to heat atom vibrate very fast, when another body come into the physical contact with other due to vibration of atom and it is physically contact with hotter body ,the vibration transfer in other body.

Now one part of an object is heated or atom in that portion vibrate faster then other part and this vibration transfer from that part to another part.

All substances are not contain the same properties substance that conduct heat are known as  conductors, while those substances that having the properties that they don't conduct heat readily are called insulators. Metal are the example of conductor some examples are copper, platinum, gold ironthese are a good conductor of thermal energy, aluminum is a good insulator. Wood in neither good conductor nor insulator . Conduction is greater in solids, where molecules are in constant contact.


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