The Process of Nutrition

Nutrition in animals of Class 7

The Process of Nutrition and its examples

Animals have highly evolved digestive mechanism that includes two basic components:

  1. Alimentary canal: Long, hollow, tubular structure consisting of various organs for digestion.

  2. Digestive glands: They secrete enzymes / hormones which help in digestion.

Digestion in animals consists of following steps:

  1. Ingestion: The process of intake of food.
  2. Digestion: It is the breakdown of large and complex molecules into simpler, smaller and soluble forms.
  3. Absorption: Taking up of the digested food through intestinal wall to blood.
  4. Assimilation: In this process absorbed food is taken by body cells.
  5. Egestion: The process by which undigested matter is expelled out.
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